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Marquee Events are the type of events that are used to introduce the majority of new units into the game. They consist of multiple tiers, with each tier showing how a specific unit ability works followed by a practice round as the final tier. The main purpose of the event is for you to unlock a 3 star version of the unit while also becoming familiar with their kit. The event requires Player Level 60 and usually runs for 2 days.

Reaching 7 stars

With every Marquee Event there is a Category:Data Card that you can purchase with real currency that will immediately unlock the 4th star. After that you will have to purchase the Data Card pack for the unit using crystals to get to 7 stars. There are currently two types of Marquee packs that may appear in the store; Marquee Packs and Marquee Mega Packs.

Store-Data Card-Shaak Ti-Bundle.png
Store-Data Card-Shaak Ti-Marquee Pack.png
Store-Data Card-Shaak Ti-Marquee Mega Pack.png

Drop rates

Marquee Pack
1299 Crystal
Marquee Mega Pack
2599 Crystal
Shard Quantity Probability Shard Quantity Probability
5 17.44% 15 22.98%
7 69.76% 17 60.00%
10 5.48% 20 2.50%
12 4.98% 25 10.00%
15 1.99% 30 2.50%
20 0.07% 40 0.01%
25 0.02% 50 1.00%
50 0.02% 60 0.01%
80 0.02% 70 0.01%
145 0.10% 80 0.15%
230 0.02% 90 0.05%
330 0.10% 100 0.25%
120 0.01%
145 0.25%
180 0.03%
230 0.03%
330 0.23%


07/15/2021 Clone Force 99 V Omega Character
05/05/2021 Clone Force 99 IV Echo Character
04/29/2021 Clone Force 99 III Wrecker Character
04/15/2021 Clone Force 99 II Tech Character
04/08/2021 Clone Force 99 I Hunter Character
03/18/2021 Tales from the Outer Rim VI Bo-Katan Kryze Character
03/04/2021 Tales from the Outer Rim V Dark Trooper Character
01/14/2021 Way of the Mandalore The Armorer Character
Event Date Event Name Unit Name Unit Type
12/03/2020 Tales from the Outer Rim IV Moff Gideon Character
08/27/2020 Cunning Commander Admiral Piett Character
07/27/2020 Alliance Chancellor Mon Mothma Character
07/16/2020 Escape from Cloud City Threepio & Chewie Character
06/04/2020 Galactic Chase - Imperial TIE Bomber Imperial TIE Bomber Ship
05/21/2020 Galactic Chase - Rebel Y-wing Rebel Y-wing Ship
04/30/2020 Tales from the Outer Rim III The Mandalorian Character
04/27/2020 Tales from the Outer Rim II Greef Karga Character
04/23/2020 Tales from the Outer Rim I Cara Dune Character
01/23/2020 Heroes of the Resistance II Resistance Hero Poe Character
Event Date Event Name Unit Name Unit Type
12/19/2019 Heroes of the Resistance Resistance Hero Finn Character
12/13/2019 Emperor's Elite Sith Trooper Character
12/11/2019 Ruthless General General Hux Character
11/14/2019 Republic Stalwart BTL-B Y-wing Starfighter Ship
11/01/2019 Galactic Chase - Hyena Bomber Hyena Bomber Ship
08/02/2019 Mindless Destruction Vulture Droid Ship
06/06/2019 Clone Training Shaak Ti Character
02/21/2019 Mechanized Menace II Droideka Character
02/14/2019 Mechanized Menace B1 Battle Droid Character
Event Date Event Name Unit Name Unit Type
12/01/2018 Legends of the Old Republic IX Carth Onasi Character
11/30/2018 Legends of the Old Republic VIII Juhani Character
11/16/2018 Legends of the Old Republic VII Canderous Ordo Character
11/15/2018 Legends of the Old Republic VI Bastila Shan (Fallen) Character
11/01/2018 Ace of the Republic Anakin's Eta-2 Starfighter Ship
10/25/2018 Out of the Black II B-28 Extinction-class Bomber Ship
09/28/2018 Into the Breach II IG-2000 Ship
09/20/2018 The Template in the Tempest Jango Fett Character
09/13/2018 Rogue Hunter Xanadu Blood Ship
08/24/2018 Clone Wars Hunters II Aurra Sing Character
08/23/2018 On the Hunt II Hound's Tooth Ship
08/09/2018 Clone Wars Hunters I Embo Character
07/27/2018 Legends of the Old Republic V Zaalbar Character
07/27/2018 Legends of the Old Republic IV Mission Vao Character
07/26/2018 Out of the Black Sith Fighter Ship
07/13/2018 Legends of the Old Republic III T3-M4 Character
07/13/2018 Legends of the Old Republic II Jolee Bindo Character
07/12/2018 Legends of the Old Republic I Bastila Shan Character
06/22/2018 Down Range Range Trooper Character
06/07/2018 Preparation Perfection VII Lando's Millennium Falcon Ship
06/07/2018 Preparation Perfection VI L3-37 Character
06/07/2018 Preparation Perfection V Young Lando Calrissian Character
05/30/2018 Preparation Perfection IV Enfys Nest Character
05/25/2018 Preparation Perfection III Qi'ra Character
05/17/2018 Preparation Perfection II Vandor Chewbacca Character
05/17/2018 Preparation Perfection I Young Han Solo Character
05/04/2018 On the Hunt Bossk Character
03/01/2018 Shadow of Malachor III Darth Sion Character
03/01/2018 Shardow of Malachor II Visas Marr Character
02/14/2018 Shadow of Malachor I Sith Marauder Character
01/27/2018 Spark of Resistance II Amilyn Holdo Character
01/27/2018 Spark of Resistance I Rose Tico Character
01/11/2018 The First Order Relentless V First Order Executioner Character
Event Date Event Name Unit Name Store Packs
11/09/2017 The First Order Relentless IV Kylo Ren (Unmasked) Character
11/09/2017 The First Order Relentless III TIE Silencer Ship
11/09/2017 The First Order Relentless II First Order SF TIE Fighter Ship
11/09/2017 The First Order Relentless I First Order SF TIE Pilot Character
10/20/2017 Rituals of Revenge Mother Talzin Character
09/07/2017 Days Like These II Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca Character
09/07/2017 Days Like These I Veteran Smuggler Han Solo Character
07/27/2017 Endor Escalation III Wicket Character
07/22/2017 Endor Escalation II Logray Character
07/20/2017 Endor Escalation I Paploo Character
06/02/2017 Code Name:Fulcrum Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) Character
04/27/2017 Elite Combat III Gauntlet Starfighter Ship
04/22/2017 Elite Combat II Gar Saxon Character
04/20/2017 Elite Combat I Imperial Super Commando Character
04/13/2017 Rise Together Ghost, Phantom II Ship
04/06/2017 Art of Demolition Sabine Wren Character
03/30/2017 Practice Makes Perfect Ezra Bridger Character
03/23/2017 Honor Guard Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios Character
03/16/2017 Spectre One Kanan Jarrus Character
03/09/2017 Supply Sabotage Hera Syndulla Character
02/25/2017 Lord of Hunger IV Darth Nihilus Character
02/23/2017 Lord of Hunger III Darth Nihilus Character
02/18/2017 Lord of Hunger II Sith Assassin Character
02/16/2017 Lord of Hunger I Sith Trooper Character
02/16/2017 Lord of Hunger I Sith Trooper Character
02/04/2017 Special Operations IV Director Krennic Character
02/04/2017 Special Operations III Director Krennic Character
01/28/2017 Special Operations II Death Trooper Character
01/26/2017 Special Operations I Director Krennic Character


  • The average cost to get a character to 7 stars in the United States using the Marquee Pack is between $250-$300. The average cost for using the Marquee Mega Pack, if available, is between $200-$250.


  • New characters used to be introduced using the Daily Login Rewards. At the end of 2016 a new event called Squad Tournaments was used to introduce some of the Rogue One characters. The Squad Tournament was not well received and the developers came up with the Marquee Event at the beginning of 2017 to be the new standard for players to get new characters.