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Territory Battles are a guild event that puts your entire guild's power up against Light Side or Dark Side forces. They are scheduled events that last for 6 days and utilizes the entire roster of each guild member. A player must be level 65+ to participate.

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Territory Battles are a player vs environment (PVE) event where every member in a guild tries to earn Territory Points (TP) by completing various missions in each territory. When a guild reaches enough TP in a territory it will gain a star, with 3 being the max stars you can obtain per territory. Once a territory has reached one star, the territory in the next zone that has arrows pointing to it from the previous one will unlock for the next phase. Rewards are determined based on the number of Stars your guild can achieve during the event.

Territory Battles take place on planets with each planet offering a separate Light Side and Dark Side version.


  • Territory refers to the individual sections on the map where you need to complete Missions to obtain Territory Points.
  • Missions are the aspects of the event where you can earn Territory Points. See below for more details on them.
  • Zones are vertical sections of the map that contain 1 to 3 territories in a straight column. Zones are sometimes referred to as Phases due to the fact that if you get at least 1 star in them each phase you will progress through them at the same rate as the phases. The developers use to refer to them as a vertical slice.
  • Phases are timed durations that players have to try to get as many stars in a Territory as they can.

Territory Battle map legend


Each territory will have Missions that players can do to earn Territory Points. The current mission types are: Deployment, Platoon, Combat, and Special. Every territory will have Deployment, Combat, and Platoon missions. Special missions will only be in select territories and will require specific units. Some combat missions may also have requirements.

Units may only be deployed to one Territory and used in one Platoon, Special, or Combat mission in that Territory per Phase. Rosters refresh after every Phase allowing all units to be used again. Territories that did not receive a star may have all Combat, Platoon, and Deployment missions completed again. Special Missions may only be completed once.


Deployment missions are where players send part or all of their roster to a territory, earning Territory Points for each point in power those units have. Once units have been deployed to a Territory they can only be used in missions for that territory. Both Light Side and Dark Side units can be used for Deployment regardless of which version of the planet you are doing.

Platoon Mission

Territory Battle Platoons.jpg

In Platoon Missions, all Guild Members work together to complete Platoons in order to earn Territory Points and to activate or disable mechanics for specific territories. Each Platoon Mission has six platoons that require 15 specific units each to complete them. Players may only contribute a max of 10 units per Territory per phase so guilds must coordinate to fill every slot accordingly.

When a platoon is completed it increases the level of that Platoon Mission by 1. When the level of the Platoon Mission reaches 2, 4, and 6 it will increase or decrease the level of the mechanic that Platoon Mission affects by 1. Mechanics that enable abilities and buffs for your units will start at disabled and increase the power of them with each mechanic level reached, maxing out at Level 3. Mechanics that disable abilities and buffs for enemy units will start at Level 3 and decrease the power of them until it reaches disabled.

Combat Mission

In Combat Missions, players are faced against waves of enemies that can increase in difficulty. Some enemy units may be Elite which means they gain additional abilities or status effects. Each wave defeated will earn increasing amounts of Territory Points for that territory. Some Combat missions may require specific factions or units.

Special Mission

In Special Missions, players will go up against waves of enemies to earn unique rewards for the entire guild. Most Special missions will reward a certain amount of Mk I Guild Event TokenGuild Event Tokens or Mk II Guild Event TokenMk II Guild Event Tokens to each player that completes all waves. Each Territory Battle will have one Special Mission on the map that will reward 1 shard of a special event limited unit for each player that completes all waves.

Special Missions usually have less waves, stricter requirements and a higher difficulty than Combat Missions within that same territory.

Available Territory Battles

Event-Territory Battle-Republic Offensive.png
Phases 4
Duration 36 hours
Requires 100M+ Guild GP
Light Side units
Galactic Republic
Clone Trooper
Rewards Mk I Guild Event Token Mk I Guild Event Token
Mk II Guild Event Token Mk II Guild Event Token
Crystal Crystal
Territory Mystery Box-Yellow Prize Box
Ki-Adi-Mundi Ki-Adi-Mundi
Event-Territory Battle-Separatist Might.png
Phases 4
Duration 36 hours
Requires 80M+ Guild GP
Dark Side units

Rewards Mk I Guild Event Token Mk I Guild Event Token
Mk II Guild Event Token Mk II Guild Event Token
Crystal Crystal
Territory Mystery Box-Yellow Prize Box
Wat Tambor Wat Tambor
Event-Territory Battle-Rebel Assault.png
Phases 6
Duration 24 hours
Requires Light Side units
Rogue One

Rewards Mk I Guild Event Token Mk I Guild Event Token
Mk II Guild Event Token Mk II Guild Event Token
Crystal Crystal
Territory Mystery Box-Yellow Prize Box
Rebel Officer Leia Organa Rebel Officer Leia Organa
Event-Territory Battle-Imperial Retaliation.png
Phases 6
Duration 24 hours
Requires Dark Side units
Bounty Hunter
Imperial Troopers

Rewards Mk I Guild Event Token Mk I Guild Event Token
Mk II Guild Event Token Mk II Guild Event Token
Crystal Crystal
Territory Mystery Box-Yellow Prize Box
Imperial Probe Droid Imperial Probe Droid


  • General
    • The goal for Territory Battles is to get as many Stars as possible which are unlocked at specific Territory Point amounts. Aim to get as many Stars as possible during the entire event instead of trying to at least one star every territory in each Phase. Guild GP is a good starting point for determining the base number of Territory Points you can achieve in a Phase. Another good calculation is estimating how many points can be obtained from battles, adding it to the base points you can get and seeing how you can divide those points up across different territories and phases to maximize stars.
  • Platoons
    • The coordination of platoons is extremely important for rarer characters so that their owners do not reach their limit of 10 units before having deployed them. When guilds may not have enough rare units, Officers in charge of Territory Battle may either designate platoons that are not to be filled with any units as there are crucial units missing throughout the guild or to only designate those platoons that the guild can fill.
      • Echobase is a very useful external tool that can be used to assign platoons for each Territory Battle.
      • HotUtils, the web app version for subscribers to HotBot, also has great tools for Territory Battles including ones that can be used to assign and monitor Platoons.




  • Territory Battles, first released August 28th, 2017, was the first feature where every unit collected and every upgrade provides value, including units seldom used in combat.