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The best team to aim for from the beginning. They have great survivability and flexibility from Hera's leadership ability, which allows them to share their uniques with each other.


Hera Syndulla

Supporting Units


Hera Syndulla


Ezra Bridger

Sabine Wren


Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios

Kanan Jarrus


Must have Zetas:

Kanan's Total Defense for cleansing debuffs and Turn Meter gain

Sabine's Demolish for team buffing and mass stagger/expose


Ezra's Flourish for damage + TM Gain*

Zeb's Staggering Sweep for huge damage

Hera's Play to Strengths for Cleanse and CD reduction

*Ezra is also useful in a Jedi team, so you could also zeta him first

Places where this team is needed

Artist of War event, required to unlock Grand Admiral Thrawn

Emperor's Demise event, where they can double as Rebels to unlock Emperor Palpatine.

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