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Mods (short for modifications) are an optional upgrade for characters within the game. Once the player's account reaches level 50, Mods become available to any of their characters that are level 50 or above. There are different categories of mods, each of which yields a different primary effect on the stats of the character that has equipped it. This effect allows players to increase statistical areas of their characters to yield better performance in battle.

In the summer of 2018, EA released an update that significantly changed how mods worked, dubbed "Mods 2.0". The update grants players more freedom on what kinds of mods they would like to acquire by eliminating character faction requirements from the Mod Challenges, and provides suggestions for each character on which mod types should be used. In addition, mods graded as Mark V (the original, typical Mark limit) can be "sliced" (hacked) to increase its color tier and open up extra secondary stats, and can be sliced once more to reach an extra-higher, exclusive Mark VI tier. Slicing requires parts acquired from an extra set of very difficult mod battles against characters of a certain faction, while all mod battles now use a separate pool of energy.

How Mods Work

Mods are used to give characters upgrades on some of their stats, which allows the user the ability to change how their characters base stats work. All mods have a specific set, which is the stat they will boost if paired together with two or four mods of that same set. There are currently eight different sets, each boosting a different stat. Each set has a set bonus (the mods aren't all lvl 15, the max level for a mod) and a lvl 15 bonus, which is double the set bonus. If some mods are level 15, and others are not, the set bonus is given, not the level 15 bonus. The set and level 15 bonuses are the following:

Health Mods

Mods required for bonus: 2

Set Bonus: +5% Health

Lvl 15 Bonus: +10% Health

Defense Mods

Mods required for bonus: 2

Set Bonus: +12.5% Defense

Lvl 15 Bonus: +25% Defense

Crit. Damage Mods

Mods required for bonus: 4

Set Bonus: +15% Crit Damage

Lvl 15 Bonus +30% Crit Damage

Crit. Chance Mods

Mods required for bonus:

Set Bonus:

Lvl 15 Bonus

Tenacity Mods

Mods required for bonus: 2

Set Bonus: +10% Tenacity

Lvl 15 Bonus: +20% Tenacity

Offense Mods

Mods required for bonus: 4

Set Bonus: +7.5% Offense

Lvl 15 Bonus: +15% Offense


Mods required for bonus: 2

Set Bonus: +7.5% Potency

Lvl 15 Bonus: +15% Potency


Mods required for bonus: 4

Set Bonus: +5% Speed

Lvl 15 Bonus: +10% Speed

Slicing a mod from 5 to 6

Primary stats from 5 dot to 6 dot
Primary Stat 5A 6E
Health % 5.88% 16%
Defense % 11.75% 20%
Crit. Damage 36% 42%
Crit. Chance 12% 20%
Tenacity 24% 35%
Offense % 5.88% 8.5%
Potency 24% 30%
Speed Flat 30 32
Accuracy 12% 30%
Crit. Avoidance 24% 35%
Protection % 23.5% 24%
Secondary stat increases by percentage
Secondary Stat % increase from 5A to 6E
Health % 86%
Health Flat 26%
Defense % 134%
Defense Flat 63%
Crit. Chance 4%
Tenacity 33%
Offense % 202%
Offense Flat 10%
Potency 33%
Speed Flat 3%
Protection % 33%
Protection Flat 11%

Identifying Good Mods

A good mod is generally classified by its primary and secondary stats, most commonly speed, but with mods 2.0, many other different stats are also important. A mod with high speed will be very useful for just about every character in the game, especially in legendary events and the Squad Arena. There are other factors that classify a mod as “good”, “bad” and “excellent”, such as Critical Damage, Critical Chance, Offense, Potency, Tenacity, Health, and Defense. Different characters are at their peak with differing levels of these stats, so make sure to look at the “Basic” section in a characters mod to see what they want that character modded for. Please note that aforementioned “Basic” tab is for the icon on that mod, not the stat itself.

Max mod stats

Max mod stats.png

Modding Tools

Mods Optimizer

Crouching Rancor mods advisor