Contributor's Guide

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Welcome to the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Wiki! This is a Private Wiki that encourages community input and involvement. The best way to get involved with helping the wiki is by joining the Wiki Discord and discussing errors, suggestions, and feedback with us.

Although the wiki is private select individuals may be promoted, on a case by case basis, within the wiki to a role that can allow them to help with adjustments on the wiki. These individuals may be added in one of two ways: invitation or interview. Invitation includes people who will be reached out to by admins of the site to see if they would like to help with the wiki directly. Interview is an option for individuals who would like to ask if they can be able to help directly with the wiki. In both situations admins will be taking the following into consideration when looking to promote others within the wiki.

  • What they are interested in helping with or working on for the wiki.
  • How knowledgeable they are about the game.
  • How long they have played the game.
  • Their ability to communicate effectively with others.
  • Their understanding of how to use the tools and extensions for the wiki.

This is not an exhaustive list nor does it guarantee any type of right to anyone. It remains at the full discretion of admins as to when, who, how many, and how long people are allowed access to certain rights within the wiki. Information regarding the decision to make this wiki private can be found at About SWGOH Wiki.