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Portraits are in-game images that players can select as an avatar for their player profile. These portraits will be displayed almost anywhere the players name will be including guild chat, raid summary, and arenas. There are numerous Portraits available in the game with each one requiring players to do something different to earn them.

Image Name Acquisition Quote/Message
Tex.vanity clonesergeant.png
Clone Sergeant Phase I
Begin your journey! There is pride in being a unique and important part of the Grand Army of the Republic... just like every other Clone Trooper.
Tex.vanity cantinakeeper.png
Fey Zara
Earned by completing the Shipments en Route quest. The Cantina keeper is always a good host, greeting patrons with cold refreshments, lively holotables and a new tutorial or three.
Tex.vanity protocoldroid.png
Earned by completing the Training Protocol quest. Protocol droids are an invaluable asset for communication, etiquette and (sometimes) snide comments.
Tex.vanity keldor.png
Master Shar
Earned by completing the Clone Trooper quest. Aspiring holotable heroes appreciate the sage advice from this cunning tactician, but there certainly seems to be a lot of dust on his old military texts...
Tex.vanity stormtrooper.png
Earned by completing the Dark Side Battles (1 of 2) quest. Every journey begins with a single step, and sometimes that step involves crushing rebel scum under your heel.
Tex.vanity phasma.png
Captain Phasma
Earned by defeating 2,500 opponents in Squad Arena. Teamwork makes a dream work, but overwhelming firepower certainly helps.
Tex.vanity endurance.png
Earned by defeating 2,500 opponents in Fleet Arena. In space, no one can hear you dominate.
Tex.vanity veers.png
General Veers
Earned by defeating all enemy squads and being victorious in a Territory War. Only champions know the disappointment of running out of lands to conquer.
Tex.vanity att.png
Earned by getting Rank 1 in Tank Takedown Heroic. Even if you tame a tank, the only tricks it learns are "roll over" and "play dead."
Tex.vanity nihilus.png
Darth Nihilus
Earned by getting Rank 1 in The Sith Triumvirate Heroic raid. If you defeat all the teachers of a Sith Academy, does that mean you pass or fail?
Tex.vanity hothrebel.png
Hoth Rebel Soldier
Earned by 45 Stars in a single "Hoth: Rebel Assault" Territory Battle. If "rebel scum" was supposed to be an insult, they shouldn't have made it so catchy.
Tex.vanity atat.png
Earned by getting 48 Stars in a single "Hoth: Imperial Retaliation" map. When you're laying siege to an entire planet, it's hard to overdo it.
Tex.vanity darthsidious.png
Emperor Palpatine
Earned by defeating Tier III of the Emperor's Demise Mythic event. Those who learn from the past have the power to repeat it.
Tex.vanity bobafett.png
Boba Fett
Earned by completing the Bounty Hunter (1 of 7) Prestigious Quest. There's no rest for the wicked, but at least you get paid overtime.
Tex.vanity ahsoka.png
Fulcrum Ahsoka
Earned by completing the Fulcrum Agent (4 of 4) Prestigious Quest. The center of balance... or the leverage to move worlds.
Tex.vanity anakin.png
Jedi Knight Anakin
Earned by completing the Jedi Knight (4 of 4) Prestigious Quest. Justice prevails, and it does so with stylish acrobatics.
Tex.vanity yoda.png
Grandmaster Yoda
Earned by completing the Jedi Master (3 of 4) Prestigious Quest. With understanding of the Force comes understanding of all things. The robe is pretty cozy, too.
Tex.vanity sithmarauder.png
Sith Marauder
Earned by completing the Sith Agent (4 of 4) Prestigious Quest. The darkness has eyes and ears. And, sometimes, lightsabers.
Tex.vanity darthvader.png
Darth Vader
Earned by completing the Sith Master (4 of 4) Prestigious Quest. The darkness holds few foes as fearsome as those who had once known the light.
Tex.vanity savage.png
Savage Opress
Earned by completing all Grand Arena: Contender quests. Some people go looking for trouble. Others have more of a "do-it-yourself" attitude.
Tex.vanity thrawn.png
Grand Admiral Thrawn
Earned by completing all Grand Arena: Tactical Genius Prestigious Quests. Victory in battle is important, of course, but it's so much more satisfying when your opponent realizes how well you've outsmarted them.
Tex.vanity han.png
Han Solo
Earned by completing the Grand Arena: Han Solo Challenge Prestigious Quest. The enemy can't foil your plan if you never had one to begin with.
Tex.vanity generalkanobi.png
General Kenobi
Earned by completing the Grand Arena: General Kenobi Challenge Prestigious Quest. When facing great peril, greet it warmly. It's only polite.
Tex.vanity darthtraya.png
Darth Traya
Earned by completing the Grand Arena: Darth Traya Challenge Prestigious Quest. The line between friend and pawn is narrower than you think.
Tex.vanity aurrasing.png
Aurra Sing
Earned for defeating "Galactic Bounties I" event Deadly Bounty (G11+) tier. You don't have to be a ruthless, trigger-happy assassin to succeed as a bounty hunter, but it certainly helps.
Tex.vanity ioncannon.png
Ion Cannon
Earned by getting 1000 total Stars in Territory Battles. Rebellions take guts, resourcefulness, and alarmingly powerful surface-to-orbit planetary defense systems.
Tex.vanity destroyer.png
Star Destroyer
Earned by winning 1000 Fleet Arena battles. If at first you don't succeed, consider orbital bombardment.
Tex.vanity endurance 02.png
Enduring Eclipse
Earned by completing the Take a Seat Feat. Rank of Master not included.
Tex.vanity clonetroopers.png
Clone Troopers
Earned by completing the Three of a Kind Feat. Back on Kamino, they've got a full house.
Tex.vanity fleet.png
Fleet Commanders
Earned by completing the Fleet Commander Feat. Some do it for glory, others do it for the fancy nametag.
Tex.vanity separatists.png
Earned by completing the Divide and Conquer Feat. The mathematics of war are cold calculations.
Tex.vanity jediconsular.png
Jedi Consular
Earned by completing the Promotion Protocol quest. Even a career consular on official Jedi business has time for a quick debate about trade routes.
Tex.vanity greedo.png
Earned by completing the Bounty Hunter (2 of 7) Prestigious Quest. Blasters speak louder than words.
Tex.vanity nightsisters zombie.png
Nightsister Zombie
Earned by defeating the Bonus tier of the "Ghosts of Dathomir" event at level 80 or higher. "It is truly dreadful the first time one sees the dead rise, but by the seventh or eighth time it's mostly just frustrating."
Tex.vanity rancor.png
Earned by getting Rank 1 in "The Pit Heroic" raid. Rancors are fearsome monsters that can devour their prey whole.
Tex.vanity chewbacca.png
Earned by completing the "One Famous Wookiee" Legendary Event (Tier VII). As far as backup plans go, "having a Wookiee on your side" is a pretty good one.
Tex.vanity bastiladark.png
Bastila Shan (Fallen)
Earned by completing the Path to Darkness quest. Fear of the dark side is a tool of control.
Tex.vanity visas.png
Visas Marr
Earned by completing the Path to the Light quest. Those who have touched the darkness are the best equipped to overcome it.
Tex.vanity qira.png
Earned by completing the "Smuggler's Run" (Tier IV). Words and a smile will get you farther than a blaster, but you should definitely still have the blaster handy.
Tex.vanity kylomasked.png
Kylo Ren
Earned by completing the "Omega Battles: Jakku" event (Tier III). Show me again, the power of the darkness.
Tex.vanity younglando.png
Young Lando
Earned by completing the "Credit Heist" event (Tier IV). You don't need to worry about getting cheated if you already own the room.
Tex.vanity l337.png
Earned by completing the "Training Droid Smuggling" (Tier IV) event. The next revolution in droid technology is surprisingly literal.
Tex.vanity tarkin.png
Grand Moff Tarkin
Earned by completing the "Executrix Fleet Mastery" event. It is better to be feared.
Tex.vanity bastila.png
Bastila Shan
Earned by defeating the "Legend of the Old Republic: Ancient Journey" event (Tier IV). In unity there is strength.
Tex.vanity krennic.png
Director Krennic
Earned by completing all Dark Side Battles Stage 7 on Hard difficulty. Even evil empires can have middle management.
Tex.vanity t3m4.png
Earned by defeating the "Legend of the Old Republic: Ancient Journey" event (Tier III). Droid companionship can really open doors for you.
Tex.vanity joleebindo.png
Jolee Bindo
Earned by defeating the "Legend of the Old Republic: Ancient Journey" event (Tier V). A quick wit is almost as useful as a quick lightsaber.
Tex.vanity mission.png
Mission Vao
Earned by defeating the "Legend of the Old Republic: Ancient Journey" event (Tier I). "Street smarts will get your pretty far, but it doesn't hurt to team up with a Wookiee."
Tex.vanity zaalbar.png
Earned by defeating the "Legend of the Old Republic: Ancient Journey" event (Tier II). Zaalbar befriended Mission Vao and became a loyal companion on the mean streets of Taris.
Tex.vanity nightsisters ventress.png
Asajj Ventress
Earned by defeating Tier I of the "Defense of Dathomir" event. Ambition is only a flaw if you fail.
Tex.vanity bossk.png
Earned by completing the Bounty Hunter (7 of 7) Prestigious Quest. Hunt your prey like a Bossk.
Tex.vanity embo.png
Earned for defeating "Galactic Bounties II" event Deadly Bounty (G12) tier. Ready to fight at the drop of a hat.
Tex.vanity cadbane.png
Cad Bane
Earned by completing the Bounty Hunter (6 of 7) Prestigious Quest. Any job for the right price.
Tex.vanity dengar.png
Earned by completing the Bounty Hunter (5 of 7) Prestigious Quest. The freedom and adventure of being a bounty hunter is its own reward, but a big heap of illicit credits is pretty good, too.
Tex.vanity ig88.png
Earned by completing the Bounty Hunter (3 of 7) Prestigious Quest. A disturbing number of criminals share the same last words: "Why does that droid have a blaster?"
Tex.vanity macewindu.png
Mace Windu
Earned by completing the Jedi Master (4 of 4) Prestigious Quest. This party is over.
Tex.vanity rangetrooper.png
Range Trooper
Complete Dark Side Battles Stage 2 on Hard difficulty. They won't admit it, but a lot of Range Troopers signed up just to try out the boots.
Tex.vanity scouttrooper.png
Scout Trooper
Complete Dark Side Battles Stage 6 on Hard difficulty. These aerodynamic helmets are great for riding speeders... less great for blind spots.
Tex.vanity royalguard.png
Royal Guard
Complete the Dark Side Battles (1 of 2) quest. Royal Guards were highly skilled and armed with Vibro-edged Force Pikes that could deliver immense pain on their lowest settings.
Tex.vanity phantom2.png
Phantom II
Earned by defeating the "Imperial Chimaera" event (Tier II). A tool of the Separatists turned tool of the Rebellion.
Tex.vanity firstorder tie.png
First Order TIE Fighter
Earned by completing the Fleet Battles quest. They probably didn't intend to make the engine scream like that, but nobody's complaining.
Tex.vanity xwing.png
Earned by completing the Fleet Arena Quest. A starfighter with almost perfect balance of speed, maneuverability and defensive shielding.
Tex.vanity nightsisters talzin.png
Mother Talzin
Earned by completing the "Defense of Dathomir" event (Bonus Tier). When Mother's not happy, nobody's happy.
Tex.vanity zam.png
Zam Wesell
Earned by completing the Bounty Hunter (4 of 7) Prestigious Quest. For an assassin, few skills are as useful as blending in.
Tex.vanity maul.png
Darth Maul
Earned by completing Sith Master (2 of 4) Prestigious Quest. Maul overcame many combat challenges and tests of strength on Dathomir before being turned to the dark side. After embracing the darkness he was driven by unrelenting ambition bordering on madness.
Tex.vanity quigon.png
Qui-Gon Jinn
Earned by completing Jedi Master (2 of 4) Prestigious Quest. A master understands how little they truly know.
Tex.vanity sithrevan.png
Darth Revan
Earned by completing the "Scourge of the Old Republic" event. "I have come to reclaim what is mine."
Tex.vanity snowtrooper.png
Received as a special gift. There are no snow days when serving the Emperor.
Tex.vanity ewok paploo.png
Recieved as a special gift. The line between cute and fearsome is pretty fuzzy.
Tex.vanity enfys.png
Enfys Nest
Received as a special gift. Opportunity is something you make for yourself.
Tex.vanity ewok wicket.png
Earned by completing the Endor Allies (4 of 4) Quest. Do not let their cuteness fool you.
Tex.vanity c3po.png
Earned by defeating Tier 7 of the Contact Protocol event. It turns out there are over seven million ways to say "we're doomed."
Tex.vanity milleniumfalcon.png
Han's Millennium Falcon
Earned by completing Tier VII of the Flight of the Falcon Legendary event. A little optimism goes a long way when outrunning Imperial starships. The big Corellian ones, mind you, not those local bulk-cruisers.
Tex.vanity darthmalak.png
Darth Malak
Earned by owning 7-Star Darth Malak. He entered the darkness to save the light, but never came back.
Tex.vanity imprisoned jedi.png
Captive Jedi
Earned by completing the Ancient Cartographer Quest Legends say Q'rnaf B'lair may have fallen defending the Jedi Enclave from Malak.
Tex.vanity padme.png
Padmé Amidala
Earned by defeating the "Aggressive Negotiations" Legendary Event (Tier VII). Plan for diplomacy, but be ready to snag a blaster and "negotiate."
Tex.vanity chewbacca pm.png
Warrior. Smuggler. Rebel. Hero.
Tex.vanity tb b1.png
B1 Battle Droids
Earned by completing the Droid Factory Quest. "Roger, roger" is more nuanced than the average commander realizes.
Tex.vanity tb acklay.png
Earned by defeating the Acklay Special Mission in the "Geonosis: Separatist Might" Territory Battle. Acklays were used as execution beasts by the Geonosians in the Petranaki Arena. While usually effective, one met its match when it attempted to kill the wrong Jedi.
Tex.vanity tb geonosis.png
Geonosian Brood Alpha
Earned by defeating the Phase 3 Special Mission in "Geonosis: Separatist Might" Territory Battle. Geonosian Brood Alpha earned a place high within the hive hierarchy after proving his might as an arena champion.
Tex.vanity tb hailfiretank.png
Hailfire Tank
Earned by getting 33 Stars in a single "Geonosis: Separatist Might" Territory Battle. That's one Hail of a way to mobilize warheads.
Tex.vanity nexu.png
Earned by completing the Nexu Combat Mission in the "Geonosis: Republic Offensive" Territory Battle. These fierce predators were agile hunters with powerful prehensile tails, vicious claws, and a mouth full of terrifying teeth.
Tex.vanity reek.png
Earned by completing the Reek Special Mission in the "Geonosis: Republic Offensive" Territory Battle. Slow but powerful, these creatures can wreak havoc on their surroundings.
Tex.vanity clonearc.png
501st ARC Trooper
Earned by getting 36 Stars in a single "Geonosis: Republic Offensive" Territory Battle. Score one for the Republic!
Tex.vanity kalani.png
General Kalani
Earned by completing the Tactical Superiority Quest. It is only a matter of time until they are eliminated.
Tex.vanity 501.png
501st Crest
Earned by completing the Sky Guy Quest. The 501st fought by General Skywalker's side and turned the tide in many battles throughout the Clone Wars.
Tex.vanity generalanakin.png
General Skywalker
Earned by owning 7-Star General Skywalker. A cunning warrior and a good friend, General Skywalker fought bravely for the Galactic Republic throughout the Clone Wars.
Tex.vanity jkl.png
Jedi Knight Luke
Earned by completing the "Jedi Knight Luke - The Journey Continues" (Tier VIII). All things considered, you have to hand it to Luke for taking the news of his parentage so well.
Tex.vanity kylo.png
Taking Command
Earned by completing the Take Command Feat. Kylo Ren is definitely a backseat driver.
Tex.vanity firstorder sf tiepilot.png
The Next Generation
Earned by completing the Better than Clones Feat. First Order training camps were quite the enterprise.
Tex.vanity firstorder executioner.png
Earned by completing the Execution Squad Feat. Some troopers would do anything to get ahead.
Tex.vanity lukehero.png
Binary Sunset - Tatooine
The Call to Adventure
Tex.vanity splash 01.png
Light vs Dark
Earned by playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes prior to the launch of the Hyperdrive Bundle. Darkness rises, and light to meet it.
Tex.vanity cantina barpatron05.png
Cantina Regular
Earned by achieving level 85 prior to the launch of the Hyperdrive Bundle. Thank you for your ongoing patronage, friend.
Tex.vanity finn.png
Poe's Jacket
Earned by completing the Brotherhood of the Traveling Jacket Feat. "It looks good on you."
Tex.vanity poe.png
Fly Anything
Earned by completing the The Resistance Fleet Feat. Poe can fly everything from an A-wing to a Z-95 Headhunter.
Tex.vanity bb8.png
Secret Keeper
Earned by completing the Top Secret Feat. BB-8 is an excellent confidant for confidential information.
Tex.vanity cody.png
As You Command
Earned by completing the Order 66 Feat. Order 66 was one of 150 orders memorized by each clone trooper in the Galactic Republic.
Tex.vanity sidious.png
Pulling the Strings
Earned by completing the Puppet Master Feat. Sheev Palpatine was the behind-the-scenes mastermind of both sides of the Clone Wars.
Tex.vanity b28.png
Earned by completing the Enemies of the Old Republic Feat. Legends tell of a Sith Empire which spanned the galaxy.
Tex.vanity crate.png
Smuggled Cargo
Earned by completing the I Never Thought I'd Be Smuggling Myself Feat. The Millennium Falcon was used for smuggling operations by multiple owners.
Tex.vanity crimsondawn.png
Criminal Organization
Earned by completing the Dawn's Crimson Light Feat. After losing control of Mandalore, Maul became the kingpin of Crimson Dawn, one of the galaxy's criminal organizations.
Tex.vanity cup.png
Long Arm of the Law
Earned by completing the Arrest Warrant Feat. Many smugglers' careers end with just one mistake.
Tex.vanity k2so.png
Earned by completing the Not Quite Autopilot Feat. Many droids are capable of simple piloting tasks.
Tex.vanity tiesilencer.png
TIE Silencer
Earned by completing the Twin Ion Engines Feat. The TIE design was utilized by both the Empire and First Order in many of their ships.
Tex.vanity reytros.png
Heir to the Light Side
Earned by completing Tier 5 of the Heir to the Light Side Galactic Ascension event. "A thousand generations live in you, now. But this is your fight." - Luke Skywalker
Tex.vanity kylotros.png
Heir to the Dark Side
Earned by completing Tier 5 of the Heir to the Dark Side Galactic Ascension event. "Kill the girl, end the Jedi, and become what your grandfather, Vader, could not." - Emperor Palpatine
Tex.vanity luke jedimaster.png
Jedi Master Luke
"What? You think I'm gonna walk out with a laser sword and face down the whole First Order?" - Luke Skywalker
Tex.vanity espalpatine pre.png
Sith Eternal
"I am all the Sith." - Emperor Palpatine
Tex.vanity leia hoth.png
Hoth Veteran
Earned by completing the Hoth Veterans Feat. The battle of Hoth was a major blow to the Rebellion, but a hollow victory for the Empire.
Tex.vanity wampa.png
Apex Predator
Earned by completing the Tundra Predation Feat. Insatiable appetite accompanied by vicious claws.
Tex.vanity slave1.png
Earned by completing the I Want That Ship Feat. Darth Vader's use of bounty hunters over the Empire's own troops was cause for much dissension in the ranks.
Tex.vanity cloudcity.png
Claim Jumper
Earned by completing the Bespin Occupation Feat. Following the carbon freezing of Han Solo, Lando Calrissian ceded control of the mining operation on Bespin to the Empire.
Tex.vanity leia.png
Princess Leia
Until she was taken prisoner at the end of the Battle of Scarif, Princess Leia's connection to the Rebellion was a closely guarded secret.
Tex.vanity deathtrooper.png
Earned by completing the Elite Stormtrooper Bodyguards feat. Death Troopers served as elite bodyguards to the highest ranking Imperials.
Tex.vanity firstorder sithtrooper.png
Final Order
Earned by completing the First Order Fireteam feat. The Final Order introduced red-armored Sith Troopers to the ranks.
Tex.vanity lineofsuccession.png
Apprentice No More
Earned by completing the Line of Succession feat. Lessons are learned from Master and passed to Padawan, and so the cycle continues.
Tex.vanity thejedicouncil.png
Master of the Order
Earned by completing the The Council will act as they deem necessary feat. The Jedi Council was the ruling body of the Jedi Order.
Tex.vanity witchofdathomir.png
Witch of Dathomir
Earned by completing the Witches of the Mist Feat. The Nightsisters were an order of magick-wielding females from Dathomir, a planet with immensely powerful sensitivity to the dark side of the Force.
Tex.vanity spiritseeker.png
Spirit Seeker
Earned by completing the The Coven's Secrets Feat. Dark magick combined with the potency of the dark side of the Force, a powerful but insatiable combination.
Tex.vanity nightsisters dooku.png
Earned by completing the Retribution Feat. The deceptive acts of the Nightsisters cannot go unpunished.
Tex.vanity greefkarga.png
Greef Karga
Earned by completing the The Guild Feat. Greef worked with The Guild to offer jobs through bounty pucks.
Tex.vanity jangofett.png
Jango Fett
Earned by completing the Our Identity Feat. The durability of beskar is unmatched.
Tex.vanity mandalorian.png
I can bring you in warm... or I can bring you in cold.
Tex.vanity jawa.png
Earned by completing the Utinni! feat. The Jawas have a tendency to pick up anything that's not tied down.
Tex.vanity ig11 nurse.png
Unsung Hero
Earned by completing the Built Loyalty Feat. I am fulfilling my base function. To nurse and protect.