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The current Territory War map

Territory Wars pits two guilds against each other in a battle for dominance. It was originally announced on October 3, 2017 and the first Territory War ran on November 29th, 2017.

On January 2, 2019, CG announced that Territory Wars will take a more playful and fun direction and that Grand Arena will be purely for competitive play. Part of making Territory Wars more playful, they sent out a survey asking which groups of characters to keep. The lowest voted groups would be unavailable during the next Territory War. In total, 28 random characters would not be available. This grew a great amount of negative feedback from players across social media.


  • A guild must have 25 members sign up to participate in a Territory War.
  • A character or ship must have a minimum GP of 6000 in order to be usable during TW.


Preview Phase

During this phase, the only thing a player has to do is hit Join. One the phase is over, all of the players that joined will be locked and enrolled in the current Territory War. There was recently a bug where the join button was grayed out when the player did not join. CG has fixed the problem, but make sure to double check if you have joined.

Player Lock: To provide a fair matchmaking experience, any progression on units (ex. Promotion) that occurs after the preview phase has ended will NOT be reflected on that unit's progression in this event. For example, if the unit was 4-star at the moment of Player Lock, it will remain 4-star within this event even though it is 5-star in other areas of the game. This is to prevent a variety of exploits such as removing all mods before matchmaking, getting a weaker match, and then replacing them all.

Matchmaking: A very short Matchmaking period (~1 minute) will pair 2 guilds using a combination of factors including the number of players and the strength of their rosters. CG has recently deployed a fix for fairer matches.

Deployment Phase

During this phase, a guild will set defenses on the territory map. Each territory on a map will require x amount of defenses (depending on the amount of players that joined the Territory War). Teams must consist of 5 characters and fleet teams a minimum of three with a capital ship.

Attack Phase

In this phase, players attack their opponent’s defensive squads on the front territories. Territories behind the front territory will not be available to attack until a front territory is defeated. Territories are only unlocked on one side if only one side of the top was defeated. Defensive squads have persistent health and turn meter, exactly like Galactic War so players need to work together to defeat the opponents and make sure not to load a team's turn meter. Unlike Galactic War, to prevent any one meta squad from dominating the map, attacking squads that successfully defeat an opponent are not available for future attacks.

Once all the opponent’s Defensive squads have been beaten in the available Territories, the Guild conquers the territory “pushing” to the next set of Territories. This will allow the guild to complete the Territory War Attack Phase as quickly as they choose.

Review Phase

A period to review the final status of the event. Players can see characters on all territories.

Earning Banners

Players earn banners for a variety of actions including setting a defensive squad, successfully defeating a defensive squad, and conquering an opponent’s territory. The winner of the match is based on the guild with the most banners at the conclusion.


Deployment Strategies

One of the most common strategies is to put good defensive teams, such as Revan, Bastila, First Order, Nightsisters or Bossk teams and put progressively worst teams in the back territories.

Attack Strategies

Most guilds pick a side to attack and only attack there until they get to the back territory, since the three back territories award double conquer points.

Interesting Facts

December 2018 was the first month without any Territory Wars since it was first introduced. This was because of tight scheduling around the newly released Grand Arena mode as well as several other events.

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