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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has two major groups that events fall into; guild events and player events. Player events are reoccuring content that usually has several tiers with specific requirements in order to participate in, with the exception of Grand Arena. Guild Events are reoccuring content that all guild member can participate in. These events reward more and turn out better when more members participate.

Ancient Journey

Ancient Journey is a Journey event that requires five specific units to go through six or seven tiers that tells the story of specific events that happened with the characters you are using or will be unlocking. The event rewards characters from the Old Republic era.

Assault Battles

Assault Battles are a special type of event that require you to play through 8 waves of enemies. Each Assault Battle features a different faction of enemies and requires you to use a different faction of characters to defeat it. Assault Battles have multiple tiers: Tier I (Hard), Tier II (Very Hard), and Bonus Tier. Each tier is a harder version of the previous one with identical enemies that have higher levels, gear levels, health and damage. Some Assault Battles have a fourth tier known as the Mythic Tier. Mythic Tier will be significantly harder than previous tiers and may have different enemy compositions for waves. Assault Battles with a Mythic Tier may also have a fifth and sixth tier known as Challenge Tiers I and II. (Add brief info on Challenge Tiers here).

  • Victory counts are not shared between the tiers and Tier I and Tier II are able to be refreshed. Assault Battles events run for 24 hours.
  • Each Assault Battle has a special ability that characters can use, this ability sometimes changes dependent on the character's faction.

Event-Forest Moon.png
Tiers 6
Requires Empire
Rewards Ewok Shards, 2Ability Material Omega
Event-Ground War.png
Tiers 4
Requires Ewok
Rewards Separatist Shards, 2Ability Material Omega
Event-Military Might.png
Tiers 4
Requires Rebel
Clone Trooper
Rewards Empire Shards, 2Ability Material Omega
Event-Places of Power.png
Tiers 6
Requires Sith
First Order
Rewards Jedi Shards
Event-Rebel Roundup.png
Tiers 3
Requires Bounty Hunters
Imperial Troopers
Rewards Rebel Shards
Event-Secrets and Shadows.png
Tiers 3
Requires Nightsister
Rewards Sith Shards

Epic Confrontation

Epic Confrontation is a very rare event that requires specific units to unlock a very powerful unit.

Fleet Mastery

Grand Arena

Hero's Journey

Heroic Battle

Legendary Event

Marquee Event

Event-Clone Training.png

Marquee Events are the type of events that are used to introduce the majority of new units into the game. They consist of multiple tiers, with each tier showing how a specific unit ability works followed by a practice round as the final tier. The main purpose of the event is for you to unlock a 3 star version of the unit while also becoming familiar with their kit. The event usually runs for 2 days.

Mythic Event

Omega Battle

Resource Event

Special Event

Coming Soon

Territory Battle

Coming Soon

Territory War

Territory War is a guild event that has two guilds battle against each other. The event lasts for 4 days and consists of 4 phases; Preview, Setup, Attack, and Review. A guild must have a minimum of 25 guild members sign up to participate and only units in a player's roster that have over 6000 Galactic Power can be used.

Event-Territory War.png
Requires 25+ Guild Members
Units with 6000+ Power
Rewards Guild Token Guild Token
Guild Event Token Guild Event Token
Mk II Guild Event Token Mk II Guild Event Token
Ability Material Zeta Ability Material Zeta
Ability Material Omega Ability Material Omega
Ability Material Mk III Ability Material Mk III


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