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Discord is used by thousands of SWGoH players to communicate in real time. The SWGoH in game chat is lacking, so players started moving to Discord for the guild chat. Lots of public Discord servers starting popping up and behind them, Discord bots. These bots only run in Discord and they provide information about SWGoH outside the game.

Discord accounts and servers are free and anyone is able to create them.

Discord bot returning in game information about General Skywalker

Public Servers

General Servers

Faction Specific Servers

Tool Specific Servers

Recruiting Servers

Content Creator Servers


Discord bots are programs that people in a discord server can interact with. They must be invited to the discord server by an admin and require specific rights in order to function properly. Below are several invites for discord bots that were created for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. A lot of these bots have many features and the descriptions below might not fully cover everything they do.

Is a subscription based bot that offers several tiers that provide greater functionality with each increase. Tiers range from individual player tools and increase upwards to guild wide tools. You can get support and information on this bot at HotUtils Discord.
Boba's Bot
Is a Bot that is used with EchoBase, a collection of guild leader/officer tools for Territory Battles. You can get support and information on this bot at Echobase Discord.
SWGoH Events Bot
Keeps you up to date with SWGoH events. You can get support for this bot at SWGOH Events Discord
SWGoH Counters
Boba's Counters
Is a collection of subscription based bots that can perform a wide variety of tasks. You can get support and information on them at ShittyBots Discord.
Scorpio Bot - Player Management bot, invite can be found on the ShittyBots Discord. Displays various information about a players roster and profile. Also offers options for zeta recommendations.
Leo Bot - Guild Management bot, invite available through Patreon. Monitor your guild and prioritise/track member squads and farms to dominate raids and events. Organise and visualise your territory war strategy and with optional discord dispatching.
Aries Bot - PvP/Arena Management bot, invite available through Patreon. Notifications on arena movement reduce your refreshes and increase your payout rewards. Compare squads against opponents and track your arena progress over time.
Mhanndalorian Bot
Is a free bot with a subscription option that allows individual users to track their skill rating, galactic power, gear quality, mod quality, and rank over time. In addition, users can compare their performance to other guild members and see the performance of their guild as a whole. Each week, reports are sent out providing a breakdown of how the guild is performing in these areas. Officers will receive a weekly report that will show at a glance how every member of the guild is performing. Users can also download a "snapshot" that will display key metrics on any player in the game. You can get support and information for this bot at:
■ Discord: Mhanndalorian Bot Discord.
■ YouTube: Mhanndalorian Bot YouTube

If you have a bot for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes you would like to have added or are the owner of one of these bots and would like to adjust what it says about them please let us know in Discord.

For more information on creating your own bot check out Discord.js which is a common library used for creating custom bots. It is a node module that allows you to easily use the Discord API.