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Discord is used by thousands of SWGoH players to communicate in real time. The SWGoH in game chat is lacking, so players started moving to Discord for the guild chat. Lots of public Discord servers starting popping up and behind them, Discord bots. These bots only run in Discord and they provide information about SWGoH outside the game.

Discord accounts and servers are free and anyone is able to create them.

Discord bot, AP-5R returning in game information about Jedi Knight Revan


Below are invite links that will allow you to invite a bot to your server, you have to be an admin to invite a bot. Lots of these bots have many features and the descriptions below don't fully cover everything they do.

Discord.js is a common library used for creating custom bots. It is a node module that allows you to easily use the Discord API.

Public Servers

General Servers

Faction Specific Servers

Raid Servers

Tool Based Servers

Recruiting Servers

Content Creator Servers