Galactic Ascension

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Galactic Ascension is a special kind of event in the game that unlocks the most powerful characters you can obtain; Galactic Legends. All Galactic Ascensions are released in pairs with one for a Light Side character and one for a Dark Side character. The event is located in the Journey Guide and players can access the event at any time after they have met the required Prerequisites for that event, which can include over 13 characters and ships needing to have specific Relic Levels and Stars. There are 6 Tiers to these types of events with Tier 1-3 rewarding shards for the character, Tier 4 rewarding a Title, Tier 5 rewarding a Portrait, and Tier 6 rewards the materials needed to unlock the Ultimate Ability for the character. Tiers 1-3 and 6 must be repeated a set number of times in order to get all of the rewards. Dark Side Currency Dark Side Currency and Light Side Currency Light Side Currency, depending on the alignment of the character being unlocked, are used to play the Tiers. These resources drop from Dark Side Battles (Dark Side Currency) and Light Side Battles (Light Side Currency) and will require 1260 of them, 420 to unlock the character and 840 to unlock the Ultimate Ability.

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The first Galactic Ascensions were brought to the game on March 26, 2020.