What Must Be Done

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Event-What Must Be Done.png
Type Galactic Ascension
Runs Journey Guide
Requires Player Level 85
14 Specific Characters Relic 3+
Reward Jedi Master Kenobi Jedi Master Kenobi
Release date
What Must Be Done


What Must Be Done is a Galactic Ascension event that rewards the Galactic Legend Jedi Master Kenobi and his Ultimate Ability. This event requires Player Level 85, 14 Characters at Relic 3 or higher and 1 Ship in order to enter it. The event has 6 tiers, 3 used for unlocking Jedi Master Kenobi, and 3 used for obtaining Ability Material Ultimate.

Exclusive event unit


Feel the Force (Level 85) Reach Player level 85
Galactic Legend Obi-Wan Kenobi (1 of 3)
Upgrade General Kenobi to Relic 8
Upgrade Bo-Katan Kryze to Relic 5
Upgrade Aayla Secura to Relic 3
Upgrade Mace Windu to Relic 3
Upgrade Negotiator to 6 Stars
Galactic Legend Obi-Wan Kenobi (2 of 3) Upgrade General Grievous to Relic 7
Upgrade Wat Tambor to Relic 7
Upgrade IG-100 MagnaGuard to Relic 5
Upgrrade Clone Sergeant - Phase I to Relic 5
Upgrade Qui-Gon Jinn to Relic 3
Galactic Legend Obi-Wan Kenobi (3 of 3) Upgrade Grand Master Yoda to Relic 8
Upgrade Jango Fett to Relic 7
Upgrade Shaak Ti to Relic 7
Upgrrade Cad Bane to Relic 5
Upgrade CC-2224 "Cody" to Relic 5


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