Han's Millennium Falcon

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Han's Millennium Falcon
Alignment:Light Side
Categories:Cargo Ship, Rebel, Scoundrel

Highly-modified Rebel Attacker that specializes in assists and shows up at just the right time


A powerful ship that multiplies the core concept of a Rebel fleet under Home One, which is to destroy enemy fleets through the overwhelming usage of assist attacks. Its basic attack is able to call a rebel ally to assist attack. Its passive ability will also give it a 50% chance to assist other Rebel ships after they attack potentially creating a cycle of assists. At the time of this ships introduction, this effectively translates to elevating a Home One rebel fleet to meta status. Apart from assisting attacks, Han's Millennium Falcon comes with a unique buff, 'Outmaneuver', which prevents this ship from being targeted so long as other allies are present.


The effectiveness of a Home One rebel fleet is solely reliant on this ship. Without it, a rebel fleet cannot contend for meta status in fleet arena. If players can either destroy this ship before it applies 'Outmaneuver' onto itself or after they remove this buff using a buff removal mechanic via another ship, then viability of this fleet can be severely compromised.


Recommended Ability Upgrade Order

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