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Please check out the Contributor's Guide for detailed information on wiki standards. The wiki has numerous images and icons already available to be used that are mentioned in the Contributor's Guide, if you need help finding them or learning how to use them please contact Kidori.

Wiki Content

Current pages needing help

  • Basic Information
    • First find all pages that have content that belongs on this page and migrate it over, then delete those pages. Then go through and add information to the rest of the page. Example of a page that needs to have the information migrated to Basic Information is Ability Materials.
  • Mechanics
    • First find all pages that have content that belongs on this page and migrate it over, then delete those pages. Then go through and add information to the rest of the page.
  • Guilds
    • Add detailed information and try to include: how to create one, how to join one, how they function, and events they participate in.
  • Squad Arena
    • Add information about Squad Arena, page structure should be same as Fleet Arena.
  • Fleet Arena
    • Add information about Fleet Arena, page structure should be same as Squad Arena.
  • Galactic War
    • Add information about Galactic War.
  • Content Creators
    • Needs a rework. Include Youtube, Twitch, Discord, Patreon, website, and brief information about what they normally discuss and if they are still active or not.
  • Podcasts
    • Should be added to Content Creators and separate page deleted.

Current categories needing pages to match layouts

Current categories needing a layout created

Note:Things for Kidori to work on. If interested in helping please contact him.

  • Category:Character - Currently in progress Test Character
  • Ships - may need a new infobox created.
  • Raids
  • Challenges - will also be used for Fleet Challenges
  • Omega Battles
  • Status Effects
  • Guides - Could use better structuring of pages and page naming conventions to create consistency between guides on similar topics.
    • Note: There should not be multiple guides for the same content. For example, One Famous Wookie should only have one guide. Since guides can be opinion based and change as content in the game changes, each page has a Discussion link that can be used to create a discussion page that should be utilized for talking about adjusting or revising guides. No guide on the wiki is above being edited, but users are encouraged to be courteous to authors of guides who would prefer to be the only one editing the guide.

Major Changes

  • Light Side Battles, Dark Side Battles, Cantina Battles, Fleet Battles and Mod Battles
    • Need to be made a category with pages made for each stage and level. This is so we can use semantic wiki to auto track rewards for the wiki and to show enemy units for helping beginners progress through it. Pages will need to be named LS 1-A and LS Hard 1-A, Cantina 1-A, Fleet 1-A and Fleet Hard 1-A, Mod 1-A. May be able to keep it all on one page if semantic wiki can be used to show rewards for each level from one page.


The wiki is currently looking to obtain data on the things listed below. Information can be submitted to the Wiki's Discord server on the data-screenshots channel. Forms may also be available to fill out, any form that exists will be placed below.

  • Territory War
    • Loot drops - for 1st and 2nd place, include loot box name if not submitting image. (Form coming soon)
  • Territory Battles
    • Loot Drops - include stars number if not submitting image. (Form coming soon)
    • Enemy waves - include name, level, gear level, elite (buff), planet, territory name, and which combat mission. This data is used to get an idea of which units are possible to get as enemies and the average number of Elites. Form coming soon.
  • Raids
    • Loot Drops - include place if not submitting image. (Form coming soon)
  • Store
    • Pricing - real currency needed to purchase specific data cards and resources. Please include currency type and country.