Mod Energy

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Used for Mod Battles and Mod Challenges.

How to obtain

Auto Generated

Mod Energy will generate automatically, once the limit is reached it will stop generating automatically until it drops back below it.

  • 1 Mod Energy every 6 minutes
    • = 10 Mod Energy every hour
    • = 144 Mod Energy every 14 hours and 24 minutes
    • = 240 Mod Energy daily.


Can collect 45 Mod Energy from Daily Activities at 12 P.M. (Noon) or 12 hours from your Daily Activities Reset time. This Bonus energy is only available to collect for 2 hours before it goes away.

Players can spend crystals to recieve 120Game-Icon-Mod Energy.png and 20 Sim Ticket Sim Tickets. There is a limit to how many times Mod Energy can be purchased in a day and the cost will gradually increase. The limit and cost will reset the same time as Daily Activities Reset.

Times Cost Total Cost
1 Crystal50 Crystal50
2 Crystal50 Crystal100
3 Crystal50 Crystal150
4 Crystal100 Crystal250
5 Crystal100 Crystal350
6 Crystal100 Crystal450
7 Crystal200 Crystal650
8 Crystal200 Crystal850
9 Crystal200 Crystal1050
10 Crystal400 Crystal1450
11 Crystal400 Crystal1850
12 Crystal400 Crystal2250
13 Crystal800 Crystal3050
14 Crystal800 Crystal3850
15 Crystal800 Crystal4650


  • Mod Energy has a limit of 144.
  • Mod Energy can be purchased or gain Bonus Mod Energy beyond the limit to a max capacity of 1000 (1119 if bought at 999).