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Territory Battles, first released August 28th, 2017, is a cooperative mode pitting your guild's total power against Light Side or Dark Side forces. Territory Battles is the first feature where every unit collected and every upgrade provides value, including units seldom used in combat.


To participate in a Territory Battle, a player must be Level 65+.

Combat Missions

In Combat Missions, players are faced with up to six waves of enemies. The basic combat missions (the ones for territory points) have six waves for light side territory battles and four waves for dark side territory battles. Each additional wave cleared earns increasing amounts of Territory Points. If a player is unable to beat all six waves, all Territory Points earned for completed waves will contribute to the Guild’s total. Several Combat Missions have special requirements for which units to use. Most commonly they require specific units or factions.

Territory Battle Platoons.jpg

Platoon Missions

In Platoon Missions, all Guild Members work together to complete Platoons. Each Platoon requires 15 specific Characters with a minimum star level (which changes depending on the phase) There are six Platoons in each Platoon Mission. Platoon Mission progress is shared across the whole guild, and Players are limited to a total of 10 characters per Territory which they can fill individually, so Guilds must coordinate to fill every slot accordingly. The coordination is extremely important for the rarer characters so that their owners do not reach their limit of 10 characters before having deployed those rare ones.

In addition to earning Territory Points for each completed Platoon, guilds can unlock powerful abilities from strategic landmarks. Every two Platoons that are completed upgrade the magnitude of that Platoon Mission’s ability, up to a maximum of three tiers. So, completing all six Platoons would unlock the maximum power of the strategic landmark. Once unlocked, these abilities will be available to the entire guild in future Combat Missions.

Other Platoons Missions unlock abilities in future Combat Missions that weaken the enemies or debilitate them entirely.

The characters needed for the Platoon Missions of Phases 1 to 3 do not change between Territory Battles of the same type. The characters needed for the Platoon Missions of Phases 4 to 6 change regularily and tend to include recently published new characters which leads to quite a number of incomplete platoons. Therefore officers in charge of Territory Battle often either designate platoons that are not to be filled with any characters as there are crucial characters missing throughout the guild or only designate those platoons that the guild can fill.

Special Missions

In Special Missions, instead of earning Territory Points, players earn unique rewards for the entire Guild. Normally the reward is a certain amount of guild event tokens, but each type of Territory Battle also has one special mission which will grant character shards that are normally not available anywhere else. These are Rebel Officer Leia Organa (Light Side TB) and Imperial Probe Droid shards (Dark Side TB). Only recently these shards have been made also available via the rare Bounty Hunter event, but apart from that, Territory Battle is the only source for these shards.

Special Missions are more challenging, have stricter unit requirements, and don’t show up as often as Combat Missions, but have great rewards.

Due to the value of these rewards many guilds choose to complete special missions before any other activity in Territory Battles.


Territory Battles uses a stat called Galactic Power, which is the sum of the power of all of a player’s characters and ships. During Deployment, players send part or all of their collection to fight on a Territory earning Territory Points based on the Galactic Power of those units. Once units have been deployed to a Territory they can participate in any mission on that Territory, but can not be deployed to any other Territory during that phase. When the next phase starts, units are available to be deployed once again.

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