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Currently 8 Imperial Troopers exist in the game.


General Veers is the only Imperial Trooper with a Leader ability.

Supporting Units

Colonel Starck should be your second member of this team. "Blizzard Four Barrage" is a devastating AOE that has a 50% chance to Stagger the enemy. He gives all Imperial Trooper allies +50 Armor Penetration and his "Scan All Wavelengths" gives all Empire allies Critical Chance Up and Critical Damage Up for 3 turns.

Range Trooper should be your third member of this team. His Unique "Power In Numbers" gives all Imperial Trooper allies +50% chance to call another buffed Imperial Trooper ally to Assist when they use an ability during their turn.


Snowtrooper is a key component to most effective Imperial Trooper teams. His deadly AOE can reset every turn if he is properly modded with enough Critical Chance from mods (~60% after mods).

Magmatrooper forms a deadly Traya counter under Grand Admiral Thrawn's lead.

Death Trooper is mostly used in another team. While he is a good fifth Imperial Trooper, he is better used with Director Krennic or Emperor Palpatine. His Deathmark ability makes him very useful in the Heroic Sith Raid.


Shoretrooper - a taunting tank that heals himself and the team. His heal is based off of his max Health, so mod accordingly.

Stormtrooper will do as a taunting tank if Shoretrooper is unavailable.


General Veers - his Unique Zeta is highly recommended to bring the team to life. It guarantees 50% Turn Meter Gain to every allied Imperial Trooper whenever any enemy unit is defeated, as well as 10% Protection recovery and Offense Up to the team.

Colonel Starck - one of the lesser used Zetas. This Zeta is generally regarded as a "luxury" Zeta.

Death Trooper - if you have Director Krennic this Zeta is very useful. Otherwise it is useless.

Stormtrooper - as this Zeta requires Empire allies to die to trigger, and he is not an attacker, this is one of the least applied Zetas in the game.

Places where this team is needed

Imperial Troopers are needed for three Dark Side Territory Battle missions.

They are an extremely important Territory Wars and Grand Arena team, as they are a strong counter to Nightsisters and Zeta lead Bossk teams.

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