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Alignment:Dark Side
Categories:Bounty Hunters, Scoundrel
Leader:Bounty Hunters
Ship:Hound's Tooth

Bounty Hunter Tank that constantly regenerates Health and Protection


One of the most feared bounty hunters of the galaxy, Bossk used his natural Trandoshan hunting instincts to capture his prey. During the Clone Wars, the red-eyed reptilian partnered with Aurra Sing, Castas and young Boba Fett. Bossk didn't care much for vendettas or politics. He was in it to get paid. After a brief stint in a Republic prison, Bossk continued his partnership with Fett, becoming a bodyguard to the teen bounty hunter. Decades later, Bossk answered Darth Vader's call to capture the Millennium Falcon after the Battle of Hoth, an assignment that put him in direct competition with Boba.

Further Media Appearance

Where the character is found aside from GoH game. So which movies, which bigger video games etc (in some cases books/comics may be relevant)


Both in terms of area of the game, such as specifically good in say TW (on toons like Enfys) and against specific teams (i.e. imps vs ns). Link to relevant write ups


Both in terms of area of the game (i.e. bad in hstr due to relying on debuffs) and against specific teams (i.e. bad against foresight teams). Again link to write ups.

Farming Locations

Hard Node 9-B (Dark)


General notes about the playstyle the toon can be used in

Zeta & Omega Abilities

Zeta Lead is very good and is probably the best BH lead (alongside Jango) and is one to set in defence in TW/GA. The leadership Zeta is crucial for his team to work. The second Zeta is also very useful as the taunt has to be dispelled twice before it goes away, similar to Old Ben. Also another very useful Zeta.

Zeta Order:

On the Hunt

Trandosian Rage

Mod Recommendations

Tenacity and speed secondaries.

Synergy Teams

Bounty hunters, great in GA and TW, but not arena viable. Good character for Chewie.


Any interesting trivia or facts about a toon that might be of interest to people, was thinking of things like Mace and GMY having attacks named after their combat forms, or Plo having Clone and Jedi synergy etc.