Character Shards

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Character Shards are the resource required to unlock and increase the rarity (Stars) of a character. Every character requires a total of 330 character shards to reach 7 stars of rarity, but different characters unlock with different amounts of character shards.

Character Shards that are accumulated after the character has been promoted to 7 stars will be exchanged for Shard Store Tokens. 1 Character Shard will become 15 Shard Store Tokens.

Excess Character Shards earned before promoting a character to 7 stars will also be exchanged retroactively for Shard Store Tokens.

Character Shards can be acquired from almost all areas of the game, see the character in question to learn how to acquire them.

Each level of rarity requires a different amount of Character Shards to advance beyond.

Cost to unlock or increase rarity (in Character Shards)
Unlock Cost Upgrade Cost
1 Star 10 15
2 Stars 25 25
3 Stars 50 30
4 Stars 80 65
5 Stars 145 85
6 Stars N/A 100
7 Stars 330 N/A