Bastila Shan

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Bastila Shan
Alignment:Light Side
Categories:Jedi, Old Republic

Strong Jedi Support that grants allies an overwhelming first turn with her Leader ability


Bastila Shan was born on the planet Talravin, and was given to the Jedi Order by her mother. During her time with the Jedi Order, she was found to have a special ability called battle meditation, which increases the morale of her allies while demoralizing her enemies. She was sent as part of a task force to defeat Darth Revan, although Revan was betrayed by his apprentice, Darth Malak, who fired on the ship Revan and Bastila were on. Bastila managed to save Revan and turned him back to light side.

Further Media Appearance

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


Bastila is a good leader for the Jedi faction, and was a game changer for the Jedi Faction. Her leader ability grants all jedi allies 200% undispellable protection up. That protection up also grants jedi other buffs. Her battle meditation also works ideally on Jedi, but other characters also benefit from it. She is used as a counter to Emperor Palpatine teams, and can also be used against CLS teams without C-3PO and JTR teams.


Bastila is especially weak against Darth Traya teams, and a well modded Enfys Nest can take down the team. A non zetad Bastila also cannot get very far in arena.

Farming Locations

2-D Hard (Fleet Battles)

5-B Hard (Dark Side Battles)

Chromium Packs


Her first turn on Jedi teams should be used to give GMY various buffs. GMY should then share the buffs with everyone else on the team. Bastila should then remove buffs on a single opponent and stun them. After that, GMY should be able to take care of the rest of the opponent team.

Zeta & Omega Abilities

Bastila's Zeta changes the entire Jedi team, her zeta gives all jedi +150% tenacity (the ability to resist debuffs), this gives Jedi strength on any team that relies on debuffs, especially empire and Nightmare teams. All her omegas should be used.

Mod Recommendations

Bastila works the best with a speed set and potency set, and speed secondaries, that way she should be able to apply ability block and stun consistently and be fast enough to give GMY buffs at the start.

Synergy Teams

Jedi, the ideal team is Bastila, GMY, Ezra, GK, and Hoda, although Hoda can be traded out for Old Ben, Thrawn, CLS, or Jolee. GK can be traded out for Old Ben.


Her battle meditation was a unique and rare ability that made her stand out among the Jedi.