First Order Executioner

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First Order Executioner
Alignment:Dark Side
Categories:First Order

Merciless First Order Attacker who executes powerful attacks


First Order Executioners were what they sound like, executioners for the First Order. They were notably tasked with executing Finn and Rose.

Further Media Appearance

Episode VIII.


FO Executioner works well as a very hard-hitting attacker on a First Order team in Territory Battles, Territory Wars, Grand Arena, and even Arena in some situations.They can be used against Sith defense if Phasma is on the team, and soft counter teams such as Rex lead and Vader lead. It also puts a stop to any weaker non-meta teams trying to touch it on defense.

Video by Skelturix and Nukin on First Order in Territory Wars


The First Order teams that FOX operates on generally fail to beat Resistance teams when on defense, whether it be zFinn lead or JTR lead. CLS also has no trouble beating them, and neither do Traya leads.

Farming Locations

  • Cantina Battle 2-G (8 energy)


FOX is generally on recovery-based First Order teams that generate Turn Meter quickly.

Zeta & Omega Abilities

  • Judgment (Basic), Omega - +15% damage and if the target is debuffed this attack critically hits and FOX gains Advantage for 2 turns, very useful due to the amount of debuffs First Order teams inflict, recommended.
  • Death Sentence (Special), Omega - +30% damage, very useful for the amount of damage put out, recommended.
  • Total Order (Unique), Omega - FOX has bonus offense equal to 5% of his max health, arguably the most useful of all three Zetas, highly recommended.

Mod Recommendations

  • Offense Square
  • Speed Arrow
  • Defense Diamond
  • Critical Damage Triangle
  • Health Circle
  • Offense/Health Cross

Critical Damage and Health sets are recommended.

Health secondaries are very useful as it gives FOX more offense.

Speed secondaries are always useful.

Synergy Teams

Video by Skelturix and Nukin on First Order in Territory Wars