Mk 1 Fabritech Data Pad

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Gear-Mk 1 Fabritech Data Pad.png Stats
+2 Armor
Cost: 0
Required Unit Level: 2
Required Unit Stars: 1
Gear Tier: 1
Mk 1 Fabritech Data Pad

Acquired from

Dark Side Battles: 4-E (Hard) Game-Icon-Energy.png 12
Dark Side Battles: 4-J (Normal) Game-Icon-Energy.png 6
Dark Side Battles: 6-C (Normal) Game-Icon-Energy.png 8
Light Side Battles: 1-B (Hard) Game-Icon-Energy.png 12
Light Side Battles: 1-D (Normal) Game-Icon-Energy.png 6
Light Side Battles: 1-F (Normal) Game-Icon-Energy.png 6
Light Side Battles: 2-C (Hard) Game-Icon-Energy.png 12
Light Side Battles: 2-F (Normal) Game-Icon-Energy.png 6
Light Side Battles: 4-B (Hard) Game-Icon-Energy.png 12
Light Side Battles: 4-C (Hard) Game-Icon-Energy.png 12
Light Side Battles: 4-C (Normal) Game-Icon-Energy.png 6
Light Side Battles: 4-F (Normal) Game-Icon-Energy.png 6

Used to craft

IconGearTotal times used
Gear-Mk 1 Merr-Sonn Thermal Detonator.pngMk 1 Merr-Sonn Thermal Detonator121
Gear-Mk 2 BioTech Implant.pngMk 2 BioTech Implant48

Used for Characters

This gear is used 230 times for characters as both a full gear piece and a material to create another gear piece.
This gear is used 61 times as a full piece for the following characters:

Indicator-Gear 02-trans.png
Unit-Character-Barriss Offee-portrait.png
1Barriss Offee
Unit-Character-Biggs Darklighter-portrait.png
1Biggs Darklighter
Unit-Character-CT-5555 "Fives"-portrait.png
1CT-5555 "Fives"
Unit-Character-IG-100 MagnaGuard-portrait.png
1IG-100 MagnaGuard
Unit-Character-Jolee Bindo-portrait.png
1Jolee Bindo
Unit-Character-Poe Dameron-portrait.png
1Poe Dameron
Indicator-Gear 01-trans.png
Unit-Character-B2 Super Battle Droid-portrait.png
2B2 Super Battle Droid
Unit-Character-Barriss Offee-portrait.png
2Barriss Offee
Unit-Character-Baze Malbus-portrait.png
1Baze Malbus
Unit-Character-Bodhi Rook-portrait.png
1Bodhi Rook
Unit-Character-CT-5555 "Fives"-portrait.png
1CT-5555 "Fives"
Unit-Character-CT-7567 "Rex"-portrait.png
1CT-7567 "Rex"
Unit-Character-Chief Nebit-portrait.png
1Chief Nebit
Unit-Character-Darth Sidious-portrait.png
1Darth Sidious
Unit-Character-Darth Sion-portrait.png
1Darth Sion
Unit-Character-Darth Vader-portrait.png
1Darth Vader
Unit-Character-Ewok Elder-portrait.png
1Ewok Elder
Unit-Character-Ewok Scout-portrait.png
1Ewok Scout
Unit-Character-First Order SF TIE Pilot-portrait.png
1First Order SF TIE Pilot
Unit-Character-First Order Stormtrooper-portrait.png
1First Order Stormtrooper
Unit-Character-First Order TIE Pilot-portrait.png
1First Order TIE Pilot
Unit-Character-Gamorrean Guard-portrait.png
1Gamorrean Guard
Unit-Character-General Kenobi-portrait.png
1General Kenobi
Unit-Character-Geonosian Soldier-portrait.png
1Geonosian Soldier
Unit-Character-IG-100 MagnaGuard-portrait.png
1IG-100 MagnaGuard
Unit-Character-Imperial Probe Droid-portrait.png
1Imperial Probe Droid
Unit-Character-Imperial Super Commando-portrait.png
1Imperial Super Commando
Unit-Character-Jedi Consular-portrait.png
1Jedi Consular
Unit-Character-Jedi Knight Guardian-portrait.png
1Jedi Knight Guardian
Unit-Character-Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker-portrait.png
1Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker
Unit-Character-Jolee Bindo-portrait.png
2Jolee Bindo
Unit-Character-Kanan Jarrus-portrait.png
1Kanan Jarrus
Unit-Character-Kylo Ren (Unmasked)-portrait.png
1Kylo Ren (Unmasked)
Unit-Character-Lando Calrissian-portrait.png
1Lando Calrissian
Unit-Character-Luke Skywalker (Farmboy)-portrait.png
1Luke Skywalker (Farmboy)
Unit-Character-Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)-portrait.png
1Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)
Unit-Character-Plo Koon-portrait.png
1Plo Koon
Unit-Character-Poe Dameron-portrait.png
1Poe Dameron
Unit-Character-Resistance Pilot-portrait.png
1Resistance Pilot
Unit-Character-Resistance Trooper-portrait.png
1Resistance Trooper
Unit-Character-Rey (Jedi Training)-portrait.png
1Rey (Jedi Training)
Unit-Character-Royal Guard-portrait.png
1Royal Guard
Unit-Character-Savage Opress-portrait.png
1Savage Opress
Unit-Character-Scarif Rebel Pathfinder-portrait.png
1Scarif Rebel Pathfinder
Unit-Character-Sith Empire Trooper-portrait.png
1Sith Empire Trooper
Unit-Character-Stormtrooper Han-portrait.png
1Stormtrooper Han
Unit-Character-Tusken Raider-portrait.png
1Tusken Raider
Unit-Character-Wat Tambor-portrait.png
1Wat Tambor
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