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Emerging from the mysterious shadows that are the unknown regions, little is known about the militant First Order, except that they appear bent on galactic domination, and may be some sort of reorganized remnant of the former Galactic Empire.



 Good at dealing a large amount of damage, as characters under her lead can call random assists during their turns. A Zeta to her leadership ability further increases assist chance, and slightly increases survivability by making Advantage also act as Critical Immunity.
 Boosts speed and critical damage on First Order allies, and provides them with turn meter gain. A Zeta to his leadership also grants health and protection recovery.

Supporting Units

 Captain Phasma can grant allies advantage and turn meter gain, and can apply defense down and speed down on her enemies.
 First Order Officer is a very useful addition to a First Order team, supplying a much needed cleanse, as well as advantage, and tenacity up. He supplies a lot of critical hits, and can grant turn meter to allies as well as strip it from enemies.


 First Order Executioner is a great addition for damage output. He also supplies a single target dispel, and his health can shoot through the roof as long as he is landing critical hits. 
 First Order TIE Pilot is useful for dealing heavy single target damage. He can apply buff immunity and health down, and can gain advantage and foresight. 
 First Order SF TIE Pilot can apply a lot of defense down and call assists. He gains advantage frequently, and can stun enemies. 
 Kylo Ren is a very survivable unit, able to soak up damage through an inordinately high healthpool for an attacker, as well as dish out stuns and healing immunity. With his zeta, he gains unparalleled protection recovery. 


 First Order Stormtrooper is a very useful addition to a First Order squad, supplying a self-cleanse in conjunction to a taunt, and can dispel on his basic. With a zeta, his usability jumps a great deal, providing an assist chance whenever he uses an ability, as well as counter chance.
 Kylo Ren (Unmasked) is extremely useful, particularly in his leadership role, but on his own, he can apply tenacity down, as well as stun, dispel, and taunt at once, with an extremely potent health recovery on top of not insignificant damage output.


() indicates required crew









Places where this team is needed

  • Pieces and Plans legendary event
  • Hoth Omega Battles