B-28 Extinction-class Bomber

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B-28 Extinction-class Bomber
Alignment:Dark Side
Pilot(s):Sith Marauder

Aggressive Sith Tank with a passive Taunt and self-preservation tactics B-28 Extinction-class Bomber


The B-28 Extinction-class Bomber was a Sith Empire spacecraft utilised during the events of the game Star Wars: The Old Republic. It was a heavy starfighter most frequently utilised in bombing runs, notably one such being the Sacking of Coruscant during the Galactic Civil War.

Farming Locations

Not available to farm yet. Still a premium character.

Frontline or Reinforcement?

Can fit in either position depending on your lineup. Serves as a good reinforcement under Executrix, but also as a good frontline tank with other Sith ships.


Large health and protection pool. Can auto-taunt. Can inflict Daze and Concussion Mines. Recovers protection whenever Concussion Mines explode.


Doesn’t taunt as consistently as other tanks, can be countered by lots of dispel. Deals very low damage. Most of the ships it has synergy with are better as reinforcements.

Farming Locations

  • Light Side Battles 6-C Hard


Utilise next to other Sith ships on the frontline to make best use of its auto-taunting abilities. Place as many Concussion Mines as possible to keep B-28 high on protection and daze enemies. If using as a reinforcement, try to have another Sith ship on the field at the same time to make use of Sith synergies, and use under Executrix since Concussion Mines are debuffs and trigger Victory At All Costs.

Recommended Reinforcement Ability Level

Lv3. Since the Concussion Mines can still be resisted, best to have the ability at Lv3 so it places two Concussion Mines.

Recommended Omega Upgrade Order

1) High Value Target (Unique)

2) Laser Barrage (Basic)

3) Bombing Run (Crew)

High Value Target is important, since it increases the number of Concussion Mines being placed on enemies throughout the match. Laser Barrage increases B-28’s survivablity a bit, but isn’t essential. Bombing Run only adds a little damage, but the bonus damage is barely relevant.

Recommended Gear Level