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Alignment:Light Side
Categories:Cargo Ship, Phoenix, Rebel

Elusive Rebel attacker that reduces enemy Potency and wreaks havok with Rebel allies

Frontline or Reinforcement?

Ghost is more often than not used as a frontline ship, however it works well enough as a reinforcement also. Most of the time people will run Ghost on the frontline and pull Phantom II in as a reinforcement since Phantom II has the more powerful reinforcement ability, and the two are better together than apart.


Quite tanky with a myriad of abilities to allow for an adaptive playstyle. Capable of calling assists and stealthing allies. Hits moderately hard.


No huge flaws. Isn’t overly fast, doesn’t hit as hard as some ships. Generally good but not amazing.

Farming Locations


Utilize Ghost’s assist call as often as possible to deal extra damage and also stealth vulnerable allies. Use AoE to hit weak ships hidden behind taunt or use expose to help burst down enemy tanks. Very versatile ship with a focus on offensive style play.

Recommended Reinforcement Ability Level

3. Unless using solely to debuff enemies under Executrix this ability isn’t really very good unless you’re exposing enemies as well.

Recommended Omega Upgrade Order

  1. Static Jammer (Crew)
  2. Sensor Scrambler (Unique)
  3. MS-2B Twin Laser Cannon (Basic)
  4. Attack All Angles (Crew)
  5. Take ‘em Down (Crew)

1 and 2 are the most important abilities to upgrade, with varying levels of priority dependant on what you find most helpful. If Ghost is on the frontline with Phantom, 2 should be highest priority, but in all other cases 1 is better for the added duration for stealth.

Recommended Gear Level