Range Trooper

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Range Trooper
Alignment:Dark Side
Categories:Empire, Imperial Trooper

Aggressive Empire Support that provides other Imperial Trooper allies with Assist chance


A special variant of the common Stormtrooper. [1]

Further Media Appearance

Appears only in Solo: A Star Wars Story.


Range Trooper is especially useful against Nightsisters under a zeta General Veers lead.


Imperial Troopers in general are very weak to a mass daze. This affects Range Trooper even more because his purpose is to increase the amount of assists.

Farming Locations

Dark Side Hard node 3-A. 12 Energy.


General notes about the playstyle the toon can be used in

Omega Abilities

All Imperial Trooper allies Recover 30% Protection and gain Retribution for 3 turns with the "Steady" Omega. Very important Omega.

"Power in Numbers" gives him 30% more Tenacity while buffed.

"Take Aim" gives his basic 30% more damage.

Mod Recommendations

He has a high base Physical Critical Chance, so Critical Damage mods are recommended. Speed, Offense, and some Critical Chance are useful.

Synergy Teams

Imperial Troopers


Any interesting trivia or facts about a toon that might be of interest to people, was thinking of things like Mace and GMY having attacks named after their combat forms, or Plo having Clone and Jedi synergy etc.