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Alignment:Light Side
Categories:Droid, Galactic Republic, Rebel, Resistance

Versatile Support Droid that inflicts Burning and grants allies Stealth


General background, Race, home planet, affiliations (link to jedi, galactic republic etc). Nothing too detailed since it then takes away from game.

Further Media Appearance

Where the character is found aside from GoH game. So which movies, which bigger video games etc (in some cases books/comics may be relevant)


Both in terms of area of the game, such as specifically good in say TW (on toons like Enfys) and against specific teams (i.e. imps vs ns). Link to relevant write ups

His basic can stun enemies.


Both in terms of area of the game (i.e. bad in hstr due to relying on debuffs) and against specific teams (i.e. bad against foresight teams). Again link to write ups.

Farming Locations

Can be obtained from Daring Droid Legendary Event, with 5 empire characters. G9 is recommended. You could get away with G8 if you have good mods on and palpatine/thrawn available to you. The optimal squad for this event is: Palpatine, Thrawn, Vader, Tarkin, Deathtrooper. Good replacements for the unfarmable characters in that team are: TIE-Fighter Pilot, Stormtrooper and General Veers. Then you could use a Tarkin or General Veers lead to complete the event. If you are only one 7 star character off, start going crazy on magmatrooper. Get him to G9 and constantly be refreshing GW to buy his shards. He is by far the quickest empire farm, but that comes with consequence. He sucks for the R2 event. He will make your experience 100x more diffucult, so only use him in situations of extreme desperation.


General notes about the playstyle the toon can be used in

Zeta & Omega Abilities

Specify what the zetas and omegas are available and if/where it's recommended for i.e. zeta that changes toon like zFinn or whether just an additive zeta like K2 or someone

Mod Recommendations

List mod recommendations for this character

Synergy Teams

Most likely links to a new page containing information about synergies for this character

Useful in CLS, Raid Han and Chewbacca team along with C-3PO who has synergy.


Any interesting trivia or facts about a toon that might be of interest to people, was thinking of things like Mace and GMY having attacks named after their combat forms, or Plo having Clone and Jedi synergy etc.