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Status Effect-Foresight.png Description
Evades the next attack (if able). Adds 999900% dodge chance.
Status Buff
Dispellable Yes
Preventable Yes
Copied Yes


Ships that can apply

Name Faction Synergy
Unit-Ship-Ebon Hawk-portrait.pngEbon Hawk
Ebon HawkCargo Ship, Old RepublicCargo Ship, Character
Unit-Ship-Imperial TIE Fighter-portrait.pngImperial TIE Fighter
Imperial TIE FighterEmpireEmpire, Target Lock
Unit-Ship-Phantom II-portrait.pngPhantom II
Phantom IIPhoenix, Cargo Ship, RebelGhost, Rebel, Target Lock
Unit-Ship-Poe Dameron's X-wing-portrait.pngPoe Dameron's X-wing
Poe Dameron's X-wingResistanceTarget Lock
Unit-Ship-Sith Fighter-portrait.pngSith Fighter
Sith FighterSith, Sith EmpireSith
Unit-Ship-TIE Silencer-portrait.pngTIE Silencer
TIE SilencerFirst OrderFirst Order, Target Lock

Ships that can apply when they reinforce

Name Faction Synergy
Unit-Ship-Han's Millennium Falcon-portrait.pngHan's Millennium Falcon
Han's Millennium FalconCargo Ship, Scoundrel, RebelRebel, Target Lock
Unit-Ship-Sith Fighter-portrait.pngSith Fighter
Sith FighterSith, Sith EmpireSith
File:Status Effect-Foresight.pngForesightForesight