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Blurb about the faction


Finn. Useful with his Zeta. Since C-3PO came to the game, Zeta Finn is much more powerful.

Poe Dameron. Not a useful Resistance lead.

Rey (Jedi Training). The best Resistance lead. She is the basis for your main Resistance team.

Supporting Units

BB-8. A great supporting character under Rey (Jedi Training). His Illuminated Destiny is great for ending a battle.

C-3PO. Excels under Zeta Finn lead.

R2-D2. A great supporting character. With his Zetas he adds Offense, Health, Protection, and Potency to most allies. Light side allies can dispel all debuffs on themselves when they score a Critical Hit.


Resistance Pilot. A great attacker for a secondary Resistance squad.

Resistance Trooper. Gains 55% Turn Meter whenever an enemy becomes Exposed, which will happen often under Rey (Jedi Training) with her lead Zeta. His special cleanses buffs off of the target enemy.

Rey (Scavenger). Scores a lot of damage while buffed.

Rose Tico


Amilyn Holdo


Poe Dameron. Works well under Zeta Finn lead.

Rey (Jedi Training)


Rey (Jedi Training). Lead Zeta is very important. Any Exposed enemies lose 5% Turn Meter whenever a Resistance ally uses a special ability. Cooldowns are also reduced.

Places where this team is needed

Heroic Sith Phase 1.