First Order Stormtrooper

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First Order Stormtrooper
Alignment:Dark Side
Categories:First Order
Ship:Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle

First Order tank that uses Advantage to disrupt enemies


Becoming active after 5 ABY, First Order Stormtroopers are raised from birth to be effective soldiers for the First Order. Serving under Captain Phasma they keep the galaxy in check much like the original Stormtroopers.

Further Media Appearance

First Order Stormtroopers appear in Episodes VII, VIII and IX.


FO Stormtrooper works well on a First Order team in Territory Battles, Territory Wars, Grand Arena, and even Arena in some situations.They can be used against Sith defense if Phasma is on the team, and soft counter teams such as Rex lead and Vader lead. It also puts a stop to any weaker non-meta teams trying to touch it on defense.

Video by Skelturix and Nukin on First Order in Territory Wars


The First Order teams that FO Stormtrooper operates on generally fail to beat Resistance teams when on defense, whether it be zFinn lead or JTR lead. CLS also has no trouble beating them, and neither do Traya leads.

Farming Locations

  • Dark Side Battles: 2-A Hard (12 energy)
  • Light Side Battles: 2-B Hard (12 energy)


FO Stormtrooper is generally on recovery-based First Order teams that generate Turn Meter quickly.

Zeta & Omega Abilities

  • Hindering Shot (Basic), Omega - +15% damage and dispel buffs on target if FOST has Advantage, useful but not 100% necessary, has more use with Phasma on the team.
  • The Order Relentless (Special), Omega - Cooldown -1 and dispel all debuffs on FOST, this is very useful and should be upgraded.
  • Return Fire (Unique), Zeta - Whenever FOST uses an ability he has a 50% chance to call a random ally to assist, dealing 50% damage unless they are First Order, then grants them Advantage for 2 turns if they were First Order, this isn't a top priority Zeta but is required for a top-tier FO team.

Mod Recommendations

  • Offense Square
  • Speed Arrow
  • Defense Diamond
  • Protection Triangle
  • Protection Circle
  • Protection Cross

Speed and Health sets are recommended.

Speed Secondaries are always useful.

Synergy Teams

Video by Skelturix and Nukin on First Order in Territory Wars