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Buffs are beneficial status effects granted by a units abilities. Below is a list of all Buffs currently in the game, click on one to see more information about it including all units that can apply it.

Status Effect-Accuracy Up.pngAccuracy Up+15% AccuracyYesYesYes
Status Effect-Advantage.pngAdvantageNext attack will be a critical hit (if possible).YesYesYes
Status Effect-Afterburner.pngAfterburnerShipsWhen the TIE Silencer attacks with Advantage, reduce its cooldowns by 1. When a First Order ally takes damage, the TIE Silencer has a 50% chance to gain Advantage for 2 turns.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Backup Plan.pngBackup PlanCharactersRecover 10% Health per turn, Revive with 80% Health and 30% Turn Meter when defeated. Can't be Dispelled or prevented.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Baktoid Shield Generator.pngBaktoid Shield GeneratorCharactersAt the start of turn, recover 30% Protection and dispel own debuffs; Tanks Taunt while they have Protection.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Beskar Armor.pngBeskar ArmorCharacters1 Stack: +50% Defense and +15% Health Up.
2 Stacks: Recover 30% Protection at the end of turn.
3 Stacks: 100% Counter Chance and can't be critically hit.
Status Effect-BlasTech Weapon Mod.pngBlasTech Weapon ModCharactersGain 15% Turn Meter at the start of each enemy's turn; Attacks ignore defense and enemies defeated by this character can't be revived.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Bonus Protection.pngBonus ProtectionAdds a variable amount of bonus protection for the rest of the battle.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Bounty Hunter's Resolve.pngBounty Hunter's ResolveCharactersIgnores taunt and revives with 100% health when defeated. Can’t be Dispelled or prevented.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Call to Action.pngCall to ActionCharactersLuke ignores Taunts during his turn and has +50% Accuracy, +50% Critical Chance, and + 50% Critical Damage. Can't be Dispelled or prevented.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Chaff.pngChaffShipsImmune to target lockYesYesYes
Status Effect-Chiewab Medpac.pngChiewab MedpacCharactersRecover 5% Health and Protection at the start of every character's turn, and 5% bonus Protection if this character is a Separatist.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Critical Chance Up.pngCritical Chance Up+25% Critical ChanceYesYesYes
Status Effect-Critical Damage Up.pngCritical Damage Up+50% Critical DamageYesYesYes
Status Effect-Critical Hit Immunity.pngCritical Hit ImmunityCan't be critically hit.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Damage Immunity.pngDamage ImmunityPrevents all damage.YesYesNo
Status Effect-Dark Infusion.pngDark InfusionCharacters+35% Offense per stack (max 3 stacks). At max stacks, these bonuses are doubled and Basic attacks also inflict Healing Immunity for 2 turns.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Defense Penetration Up.pngDefense Penetration Up+150 Defense PenetrationYesYesYes
Status Effect-Defense Up.pngDefense Up+50% DefenseYesYesYes
Status Effect-Deflector Shield.pngDeflector ShieldShipsAt start of turn, recover 25% Protection, doubled for Resistance allies, and gain Foresight for 2 turns; can't be copiedYesYesNo
Status Effect-Dramatic Entrance.pngDramatic EntranceShips+25% Offense and deal bonus damage equal to 10% of the targets max health. Gain 20% Turn Meter and regain Dramatic Entrance for 2 turns after defeating an enemy while this buff is active.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Evasion Up.pngEvasion Up+15% Dodge ChanceYesYesYes
Status Effect-Foresight.pngForesightEvades the next attack (if able).YesYesYes
Status Effect-Frenzy.pngFrenzyCharactersGain 100% Turn Meter when an ally uses a Special ability.YesYesNo
Status Effect-Hatred.pngHatredCharactersIncreases offense and defense by 100% and crit chance by 25%. When this unit is defeated, they revive with 100% Health, and gain 100% Turn Meter.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Heal Over Time.pngHeal Over TimeHeals a variable amount each turn.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Health Steal Up.pngHealth Steal Up+50% Health StealYesYesYes
Status Effect-Health Up.pngHealth Up+15% Max HealthYesYesYes
Status Effect-High Ground.pngHigh GroundCharactersDeals 35% more damage with out of turn attacks; +100% Counter Chance; -35% Speed; can't gain Ultimate ChargeNoNoNo
Status Effect-Jedi Legacy.pngJedi LegacyCharacters+100% Mastery and ignores Taunt during their turn; can't gain Jedi LessonsNoNoNo
Status Effect-Jedi Lessons.pngJedi LessonsCharacters+20% Mastery per stack (max 3 stacks).YesYesNo
Status Effect-Jedi's Will.pngJedi's WillCharacters+100% Counter Chance, +25% Offense, +25% Speed, and all attacks ignore Defense.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Legendary Battle Meditation.pngLegendary Battle MeditationCharacters+25%-50% Potency and +10%-35% Counter Chance, doubled for Jedi.YesYesNo
Status Effect-Lifeblood.pngLifebloodCharactersDamage received decreased by 30% and damage dealt increased by 30%.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Master Plan.pngMaster PlanShipsAfter this ship uses an ability during its turn, their cooldowns are reset and they gain 100% Turn Meter.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Master's Training.pngMaster's TrainingCharacters+25% (doubled on Jedi) Accuracy, Defense, Offense, Potency, and Tenacity. Can't be Dispelled or Prevented.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Mechanic's Savvy.pngMechanic's SavvyCharactersDroids: +40% Offense;When defeated, revive with 80% Health and Protection.
Scoundrels: +20% Critical Chance, +40% Critical Damage and Defense Penetration
Status Effect-Merciless.pngMercilessCharacters+50% Offense, +25% Critical Chance, and +50% Critical Damage; immune to Fear and Turn Meter manipulation.YesYesNo
Status Effect-Offense Up.pngOffense Up+50% OffenseYesYesYes
Status Effect-Outmaneuver.pngOutmaneuverShips+25% Evasion and can’t be countered, and can't be targeted if other allies are present, unless Taunting.YesYesNo
Status Effect-Overcharge.pngOverchargeShips+20% Offense and Defense per stack (max 5 stacks), can't be copiedYesYesNo
Status Effect-Pilot's Resolve.pngPilot's ResolveShipsThe first time Razor Crest is reduced to 1% Health, it recovers 90% Health and gains 3 stacks of Reinforced Hull.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Potency Up.pngPotency Up+50% PotencyYesYesYes
Status Effect-Protection Over Time.pngProtection Over TimeHeals a variable amount of Protection each turn for a specified number of turns.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Protection Up.pngProtection UpIncreases Protection by specified amount of max health for specified number of turns.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Reinforced Hull.pngReinforced HullShips+250% Defense per stack; lose one stack of Reinforced Hull when receiving damageNoNoNo
Status Effect-Retribution.pngRetributionAdds 100% counter chance.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Riposte.pngRiposteCharactersAttacks out of turn ignore Protection, can't be copiedYesYesNo
Status Effect-Secret Intel.pngSecret IntelCharacters+25% Potency and when another ally uses a Special ability they gain Secret Intel for 3 turns, then the cooldown of Illuminated Destiny is reduced by 1 for each ally with Secret Intel.YesYesNo
Status Effect-Shien.pngShienCharactersWhenever this unit evades, or attacks out of turn, Commander Ahsoka Tano's Force Leap cooldown is reduced by 1 and damage is increased by 50% (stacking) until the next time it is usedNoNoNo
Status Effect-Speed Up.pngSpeed Up+25% SpeedYesYesYes
Status Effect-Stealth.pngStealthCharacter cannot be targeted directly.YesYesYes
Status Effect-Tactical Genius.pngTactical GeniusCharactersFirst ally with this buff to use a Special ability heals and gains 100% Turn Meter.YesYesNo
Status Effect-Target Practice.pngTarget PracticeCharacters+5% Critical Chance, +5% Offense, and +10% Critical Damage per stackNoNoNo
Status Effect-Taunt.pngTauntEnemies will target this unit.YesYesNo
Status Effect-Tenacity Up.pngTenacity UpAdds 999900% tenacity.YesYesYes
Status Effect-The Emperor's Trap.pngThe Emperor's TrapCharacters+6% Offense and Potency per stackNoNoNo
Status Effect-Thrust Reversal.pngThrust ReversalShips+100% counter chance, Whenever the Falcon uses its basic attack, 1 stack is consumed to gain 50% Turn Meter.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Translation.pngTranslationCharacters1 Stack: +30% Max Health.
2 Stacks: 15% Critical Chance.
3 Stacks: If only one ally who grants Translation is present, decrease this character's cooldowns by 1 when that ally uses their Basic ability (limit once per turn)
Status Effect-Unending Loyalty.pngUnending LoyaltyShipsCan't be defeated during the first enemy attack (including assists) that would otherwise defeat this ship. When reduced to 1% Health, gain Stealth and Protection Up (50%) for 2 turns and recover 25% Health. Then, this buff expires.NoNoNo
Status Effect-Valor.pngValorShipsGrant allied Galactic Republic Capital Ship 15% Turn Meter and reduce its ultimate ability's cooldown by 1 at end of turn.YesYesNo