Baktoid Shield Generator

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Status Effect-Baktoid Shield Generator.png Description
At the start of turn, recover 30% Protection and dispel own debuffs; Tanks Taunt while they have Protection.
Status Unique • Buff
Exclusive to Characters
Limited to Wat Tambor
Dispellable No
Preventable No
Copyable No


  • This is a special Status Effect referred to as Tech. Tech is only available to Wat Tambor and can only be applied to an Ally. Wat Tambor has a total of 3 Tech he can apply and only one can be on an Ally at a time.
  • This effect will last until the unit is defeated or the end of the battle.
  • This effect can not be copied, dispelled, or prevented.

Characters that can apply

Unit-Character-Wat Tambor-portrait.png
Wat Tambor

File:Status Effect-Baktoid Shield Generator.pngBaktoid Shield GeneratorBaktoid Shield Generator