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Shipments are a group of stores where you can use in-game currency or various tokens acquired from different parts of the game to purchase gear, mods, shards, blueprints and more.

Store-Cantina Battles.png
Cantina Battles Store
Currency Cantina Battle Token Cantina Token
Obtained From Cantina Battles
Exclusives First Order Officer
Jawa Scavenger
Mob Enforcer
Qui-Gon Jinn
Championship Store
Currency Championship Token Championship Token
Obtained From Grand Arena Championships
Exclusives none
Store-Fleet Arena.png
Fleet Arena Store
Currency Fleet Arena Token Fleet Token
Obtained From Fleet Arena
Exclusives Ability Material Zeta Ability Material Omega Ability Material Mk III
Darth Vader
Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum)
Chirrut Imwe
Store-Galactic War.png
Galactic War Store
Currency Galactic War Token Galactic War Token
Obtained From Galactic War
Exclusives Bodhi Rook
Cad Bane
Captain Phasma
Nightsister Initiate
Store-Guild Events.png
Guild Events Store
Currency Guild Event Token Mk I Guild Event Token
Mk II Guild Event Token Mk II Guild Event Token
Obtained From Raids
Territory Battles
Territory Wars
Exclusives Malevolence
Darth Malak
General Skywalker
Hermit Yoda
Shard Store
Currency Shard Store Token Shard Store Token
Obtained From Converting excess shards
Exclusives none

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