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The Galactic War Store is a Shipments Store, where Galactic War currency is used to purchase ship and character shards. It is considered one of the easiest stores to farm, since a player earns up to 1,200 Galactic War currency a day for completing GW, and shards can be purchased multiple times a day. A character from the Galactic War store can be maxed in just 22 days. Near endgame, this store becomes a good sources for Shard Store currency.


All characters have a permanent spot in the Galactic War Store, and 5 shards of the character can be purchased once each refresh for 400 GW currency.



There are three slots for ships in the Galactic War Store, these rotate between:

Farming Priorities

High Priority

  • Biggs Darklighter. Biggs has one of the best ships in the game, and also helps in Light Side Territory Battles. It can also help you progress far into PvE content, and is a mid-tier PvP character. Worth getting just for his ship, but has other uses as well.
  • Captain Phasma. Phasma, while not a great character overall, is a First Order character, which means she’ll help you unlock BB-8, which in turn helps you unlock Rey (Jedi Training). She can also have some use on a mid-game or endgame FO team, which makes her a good character to farm after Zeb.
  • Magmatrooper. Magma isn’t that good of a character, but can eventually be a Traya counter in Territory Wars at endgame. You’ll want him early-game/mid-game as an Empire character to unlock R2-D2 (though you can avoid farming him if you can get another Empire character such as TFP in time). He also has some use under a Thrawn lead in Phase 1 of the STR raid, though I wouldn’t recommend gearing him too far for this purpose.
  • Luminara Unduli. You’ll need Lumi for one purpose and one purpose only - as one of the Jedi needed for Grand Master Yoda. That said, Jedi, especially under a Bastila Shan lead, are very good mid-game, so going out of your way to get GMY isn’t a bad idea. That being said, Lumi is a pretty bad character in general, so you should avoid farming her if you have enough other Jedi to do the event.

Medium Priority

  • K-2SO. K2 is one of the members of the Rogue One team, which you’ll need for LS TB. He doesn’t have much use outside of that though, so he can wait until you’re done with some more important farms.
  • Cad Bane. Cad can serve as one of the Bounty Hunters needed for Chewbacca, but since the event has a very high gear requirement, it’s not a huge priority at mid-game. There are many better options for a BH team than Cad, but he’s not that bad of a character. He also has a great ship (which is required to unlock Han's Millennium Falcon), so you should farm him eventually.
  • Teebo. Teebo can be used as an Ewok for C-3PO, however is a poor option. Since the event requires high gear, it isn’t a big concern early-game. He also fits in a Rancor team, however Rancor won’t be of concern to you once you get Commander Luke Skywalker. Not much use other than that, so not a huge priority.
  • Nightsister Initiate. Can serve in an early-to-midgame Nightsister team, and is also useful endgame in the Death Storm P3 STR team. She’s not that good of a character, but good enough to justify keeping her in this tier. Finish all other priorities first.

Low Priority

  • Bodhi Rook. The pilot without a ship. Constantly regarded as one of the worst characters in the game, there’s little to no reason to farm this guy.
  • Dathcha. He has one use in the entire game, which is as the leader to the Brotini team in P1 of the hAAT team. Tank is a fairly easy raid, however, and CLS, which is used in the team, can pretty much solo P1 alone. Other than that team, one of the most useless character’s you’ll own.
  • Tusken Raider. His only use is on a Tusken team, which is one of the worst teams/factions in the game. Bad character overall.
  • Resistance Pilot. The pilot of the worst ship in the game. That being said, he (she?) does have some use in a Resistance team under zFinn.