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Omega Battles are events with 3 tiers that give an omega, ability materials, and credits. These events appear frequently, and are generally very easy.

Tier I

Requires 3 characters of 2+ stars. There is 1 encounter of enemies.

Rewards: 112.5k credits.

Can be refreshed for 100 crystals, though not recommended.

Tier II

Requires 3 characters of 3+ stars. There are 2 encounters of enemies.

Rewards: 2 MKIII (Purple) Ability Mats, 4 MKII (Blue) Ability Mats, 7 MK1 (Green) Ability Mats

Can be refreshed for 150 crystals, though not recommended.

Tier III

Requires 3 characters of 3+ stars. There are 3 encounters of enemies.

Rewards: 1 Omega Mat

Can be refreshed for 200 crystals, though not recommended (Weekly Shipments is a much better value if you need to buy Omegas).

List of Omega Battles

Imperial Fleet: Requires Resistance and Clones.

Hoth: Requires First Order and Scoundrels.

Endor: Requires Sith and Droids.

Bespin: Requires Rebels and Geonosians

Jakku: Requires Nightsisters and Jawas.

Coruscant: Requires Ewoks and Empire.

Dathomir: Requires Jedi and Tuskens.

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