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The following guide was created by Reddit user dagothur13, titled A Quick(ish) guide to Murderbears. It is a summary of the recommended Ewoks needed to unlock C3PO, a legendary character. The guide has been slightly modified for relevancy, but all steps and advice are unaltered. Please see the original Reddit thread for the original.

Who do I farm?

The optimal lineup for most battles is Chirpa lead, Wicket, Logray, Paploo and Elder. This is the team that I ran in arena right through most of the Traya meta, and it's the lineup I used to beat Revan a while back. This team, with good mods and a little luck, can beat any other team in arena, and holds very well on defence in TW.

If you don't have Logray or Wicket, Scout is a very acceptable replacement. Unfortunately, despite being the one a lot of veteran players have geared for his old Rancor team, Teebo is significantly worse than the other Ewoks. Avoid using him if at all possible: single-target TM removal is his only real skill, and that usually proves fairly useless outside of raids.

Omega Order

  • Logray's Prophetic Visions - Starting everyone with Offence Up and Advantage makes that opening barrage so much more deadly
  • Wicket's Forest Ambush - An extra 25% TM for everyone is amazing, the -1 cooldown is just icing on the cake
  • Chirpa's Tribal Unity - A ton more damage from the assists
  • Paploo, Logray and Wicket's basics - All pretty much as important as each other, they're very similar effects anyway. You really want all 3 to get the most out of Chirpa's zeta
  • Logray's Hypnotize - 100% TM drain is never bad, but 70% is already pretty good. This one's here mostly for the CD reduction

Any Omegas after that are mostly just extra damage

Zeta Order

zChirpa is essential to a strong Ewok team. I'd argue it's the most effective zeta you can give to any team, it completely transforms them and makes all their synergies fall into place. The other 3 zetas are all passive healing effects, and all have their individual merits, and can be applied in any order depending on how you want to use them:

  • zWicket gives slow healing, on both health and protection. This is most effective for longer battles, like raids and TB
  • zLogray gives much faster healing, and boosts max health on top of that, but it's more conditional and easier to disrupt by simply dispelling Health Up. Regardless, this is a very effective zeta for shorter battles like in Arena and TW
  • zPaploo, with the support of a full Ewok team, is one of the best tanks in the game. The buff spreading abilities of the other Ewoks can refill his health in the blink of an eye, and he already has high base health and defense.

Gear Order

2 of the Ewoks in particular are most effective at high gear levels: Elder and Wicket. Elder can hide behind stealth and revive everyone else, so he wants plenty of health to prevent him dying to an AoE attack. Wicket provides most of the damage for the team, so he needs to really be able to hit hard. The same goes for Scout if you're using him instead.

From there, Paploo is next. Not only is he very easy to gear until around G10, but his percentage based healing means that more health makes him much harder to kill.

Logray and Chirpa both play more supportive roles, so they're your last priority for gear. As long as they have enough Speed to keep up with Paploo, and Logray has decent Potency, you can probably get away with keeping them on low gear. It's worth noting, though, that both of these gain a ton of Health through G12 gear


  • Paploo - As much speed as possible. His unique boosts it by 25%, so with very fast mods, he is one of the fastest characters in the game, despite having one of the slowest base speeds. He then spreads TM to the rest of the team; I'll go into more detail further down
  • Logray - Speed + Potency sets. Potency as high as possible, while still being at least as fast as Paploo (before his unique)
  • Chirpa - Speed + Crit Chance sets, Crit Chance triangle. Again, his speed should at least match Paploo's
  • Elder - Speed + Health sets, Health primary on Circle, Cross and Triangle. Speed at least as high as Paploo
  • Wicket - It's complicated. In priority order:
    • Speed at least as high as Paploo
    • 216%/222% Crit Damage (depending on 6E mods)
    • 65%+ Crit Chance
    • Offence as high as possible
  • Scout - No Speed needed. Max out Crit Damage, get at least 65% Crit Chance (ideally 75%), then max Offence. Much like Resistance Trooper, Scout gains a ton of TM, so he doesn't need any Speed
  • Teebo - Slightly slower than Paploo, with as much Potency as possible

How to use Ewoks

You may have noticed by now that Ewoks are looking for a specific turn order. When modded correctly, they have one of the fastest, most explosive openings of any team. A typical opening turn, with the optimal Ewok team, looks like this:

  • Paploo goes first. With good enough mods, this is almost a guarantee, with only Revan, Bastila lead and BB8 able to beat him with equal, high-end mods. With a +140 Speed mod set at G11, his opening turn is at 310 Speed. My G12+5 Paploo, with +146 Speed mods, takes his first turn at 332 Speed.
  • Paploo calls Logray to assist. Logray gains 10% TM from Paploo's ability, then 20% from Chirpa's lead, and is now at full TM
  • Logray uses Prophetic Visions, giving all Ewoks 20% TM, Foresight, Offence Up and Advantage. Basically, it's a mini Illuminated Destiny. Now, Wicket, Chirpa, and Elder are all at 100% TM. At this point, these 3 things all happen, in any order
    • Chirpa's turn - Chirpa calls all Ewoks to assist, usually dealing 50k+ damage, and giving them all 20% TM from his lead
    • Elder's turn - Elder uses his basic, with a chance to give himself 50% TM and everyone else 25% TM
    • Wicket's turn - AoE attack, giving 40-50% TM to everyone. Also, he has a chance to get a bonus turn, which can be used to call Elder to assist, stealthing both of them and giving another chance for Elder to spread TM
  • By this point, things are looking crazy. The Ewoks have 5+ buffs each, the Attacker and Healer/Reviver are both stealthed, and they all have 60%+ TM. So far, we've completely ignored Chirpa's lead: any of these Specials can call someone to assist, giving even more TM and more damage. This usually leads to another round of turns, including Chirpa giving Retribution, Logray's AoE daze, dispel and TM drain, and more bonus attacks from Wicket. All of this is before most arena teams have taken a turn. With good RNG, I once cleared a well modded G12 zPalp team without them taking a turn, and most of the time 1-3 characters are dead within the opening barrage, all at 300+ Speed

So, in conclusion, Ewoks are fast, snowballing death machines that are damn hard to kill.