Assault Battles

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Assault Battles are a special type of event that require you to play through 8 waves of enemies. Each Assault Battle features a different faction of enemies and requires you to use a different faction of characters to defeat it. Assault Battles have multiple tiers: Tier I (Hard), Tier II (Very Hard), and Bonus Tier. Each tier is a harder version of the previous one with identical enemies that have higher levels, gear levels, health and damage. Some Assault Battles have a fourth tier known as the Mythic Tier. Mythic Tier will be significantly harder than previous tiers and may have different enemy compositions for waves. Assault Battles with a Mythic Tier may also have a fifth and sixth tier known as Challenge Tiers I, II, and III. (Add brief info on Challenge Tiers here).

  • Victory counts are not shared between the tiers and Tier I and Tier II are able to be refreshed. Assault Battles events run for 24 hours.
  • Each Assault Battle has a special ability that characters can use, this ability sometimes changes dependent on the character's faction.

Event-Forest Moon.png
Tiers 7
Requires Empire
Rewards Ewok Shards, 2Ability Material Omega
Event-Ground War.png
Tiers 7
Requires Ewok
Rewards Separatist Shards, 2Ability Material Omega
Event-Military Might.png
Tiers 7
Requires Rebel
Clone Trooper
Rewards Empire Shards, 2Ability Material Omega
Event-Places of Power.png
Tiers 7
Requires Sith
First Order
Rewards Jedi Shards
Event-Rebel Roundup.png
Tiers 7
Requires Bounty Hunters
Imperial Troopers
Rewards Rebel Shards
Event-Secrets and Shadows.png
Tiers 7
Requires Nightsister
Rewards Sith Shards