Umbaran Starfighter

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Umbaran Starfighter
Alignment:Light Side
Categories:Clone Trooper, Galactic Republic

Risky Clone Tank that inflicts great damage and debuffs, but grants Turn Meter to enemies


Strong utility ship capable of playing nicely under any Capital Ship. Works both as a starter or reinforcement due to its tankiness and its ability to remove buffs and inflict debuffs on its basic attack, and lay down significant damage with its AOE which can also Target Lock.


It is lackluster when controlled by the A.I. on defense, specifically as a starter.

Farming Locations


A reliable ship that is able to give as good as it gets. Use its tankiness to survive the initial enemy salvo and survive multiple rounds as a starter. Its RI ability and basic attack can help control enemies. Using its AOE against multiple Target Locked enemies can occasionally end battles as the already good damage can ramp up significantly with every additional Target Locked enemy.

Recommended Ability Upgrade Order

Recommended Gear Level