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Use this to place unit images with details on unit pages. Choose Edit Source on the page you want to add this to and copy and paste the following code:

{{Unit Infobox
| unitType=<INPUT>
| unitName=<INPUT>
| description=<INPUT>
| alignment=<INPUT>
| role=<INPUT>
| faction=<INPUT>
| leadSynergy=<INPUT>
| capitalShipSynergy=<INPUT>
| shipName=<INPUT>
| immune=<INPUT>
| buffs=<INPUT>
| debuffs=<INPUT>
| releaseDate=<INPUT>
| reworkDate=<INPUT>
| acquisition=<INPUT>

Replace <INPUT> with your own information where:

unitType is specifying if it is a ship or character. Options: Ship, Character
unitName is the units name. Note: Do not include any special characters other than - in the name. If typed improperly it will not find the image of the unit.
description is a brief description of the unit found within the game. Note:Is the text located in the top right of the Stats screen for the character.
alignment is specifying if the unit is light side or dark side.Note: Requires special formatting.
role is the role(s) the unit is specified for. Note: Requires special formatting.
faction is the faction(s) or categories that the unit is specified for. Note: Requires special formatting
leadSynergy is the faction(s) or categories that the unit's leadership ability enhances.Note: Requires special formatting.
capitalShipSynergy is the faction(s) or categories that the unit's abilities enhances.Note: Requires special formatting.
shipName is the name of the ship the unit belongs to.Options: None or link to ship page.
immune is the status effects the unit is immune to. Note: Requires special formatting.
buffs is the status effects the unit grants to themself and/or allies. Note: Requires special formatting.
debuffs is the status effects the unit puts on enemies or allies. Note: Requires special formatting.
releaseDate is the date the character was introduced into the game.Note: Format July 20, 2018.
reworkDate is the date the unit received a rework.Note: Format July 20, 2018.
acquisition is the locations where you can obtain shards for the unit.Note: Requires special formatting.

Proper Formatting Below is a list of parameters that require specific formatting:

  • alignment = requires category link
    • [[:Category:Light Side|Light Side]]
    • [[:Category:Dark Side|Dark Side]]
  • role = requires category link
    • [[:Category:Tank|Tank]]
    • [[:Category:Healer|Healer]]
    • [[:Category:Support|Support]]
    • [[:Category:Attacker|Attacker]]
    • [[:Category:Leader|Leader]]
    • [[:Category:Fleet Commander|Fleet Commander]]
  • faction = requires category link
    • Categories listed above in roles are not to be included in faction.
    • Too many to list.
      • [[:Category:faction|faction]]
  • immune = requires page link and some may require ability icon
  • buffs = follows same requirements as immune
  • debuffs = follows the same requirements as immune
  • acquisition = requires link to page detailed information is on.
    • [[event page name]]
    • [[Light Side Battles#HM-level|LS HM:level]]
    • [[Dark Side Battles#HM-level|DS HM:level]]
    • [[Fleet Battles#HM-level|Fleet HM:level]]
    • [[Cantina Battles#level|Cantina:level]]
    • [[Store name|Store name]]


Jedi Knight Revan

Fabled Jedi leader who controls the battle with a wide mix of powerful abilities.

Unit-Character-Jedi Knight Revan.png
Alignment [[Has alignment::Light Side]]
Role Attacker, Leader
Faction Jedi, Old Republic
Lead Synergy Jedi, Old Republic
Ship None
Immune to Stun, Ability Block
Release Date October 18, 2018
Shards to Activate 330
Acquisition Legend of the Old Republic
Buffs Critical Damage Up, Foresight, Strategic Advantage, Tenacity Up, Critical Hit Immunity
Debuffs Marked, Buff Immunity
{{Unit Infobox
| unitType=Character
| unitName=Jedi Knight Revan
| description=Fabled Jedi leader who controls the battle with a wide mix of powerful abilities.
| alignment=[[:Category: Light Side|Light Side]]
| role=[[:Category: Attacker|Attacker]], [[:Category: Leader|Leader]]
| faction=[[:Category: Jedi|Jedi]], [[:Category: Old Republic|Old Republic]]
| leadSynergy=[[Jedi]], [[Old Republic]]
| capitalShipSynergy=
| shipName=None
| immune=[[Stun]], [[Ability Block]]
| buffs=[[Critical Damage Up]], [[Foresight]], [[Strategic Advantage]], [[Tenacity Up]], [[Critical Hit Immunity]]
| debuffs=[[Marked]], [[Buff Immunity]]
| acquisition=[[Legend of the Old Republic]]