Team Building – Sith

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There are fourteen Sith characters in the game. Out of those characters, nine have leadership abilities. Out of those abilities, five are actually any good.

Leader Abilities

  1. Compassion is Weakness - If you have Sith, use Darth Traya's leadership ability. AND ZETA IT! This ability allows Sith teams to crush Jedi Training Rey teams and Bastila Shan teams, as well as CLS and Rex teams.
  2. Lord of the Sith — Darth Revan’s leader ability is the new Traya for the Sith. His ability to inflict Deathmark and inflict Ferocity on his allies make him one tough Sith to beat.
  3. Emperor of the Galactic Empire - Another spectacular leadership ability, this time belonging to Palpatine, this is really great though less good against Bastila and JTR. Still, the constant turn meter gain and health recovery is great.
  4. Dancing Shadows - A little niche, still viable though. Darth Maul's leadership ability was better in March 2017, when the Zaul meta was scary. However, with the Triumvirate this leadership ability is anything but useless.
  5. Strength of the Void - The weakest of these four, this leadership is quite outdated, but the constant health steal is a lot of fun.


NOTE FOR GRADING: I (Swalkertano, author of these team building articles) grade in relation to others in the faction, NOT in relation to others in the game overall.

Darth Traya: Incredible character to use in many gamemodes. Debuffs galore, isolation is crazy, crazy good. A+

Darth Nihilus: He's a survivor, both in the actual gamemode and in the arena meta. He has an INSTA-KILL. He has an UNCLEANSEABLE ABILITY BLOCK. There is nothing more to be said here. A

Darth Sion: Pain is, well, PAINFUL. Sion is a crazy good, uber damage-dealing, manic tank. You have to fracture, isolate, ability block, ANYTHING YOU CAN to get this guy down. A

Emperor Palpatine: The stuns, the leadership ability, the shock. All things that make Palpatine an impressive leader and controller. A

Darth Maul: His leadership ability is the only thing keeping him alive at this point. Back in March 2017 though, he was on fire! A-

Darth Vader: His leadership ability conquered the Rancor and AAT raids. He has had some good times in arena. Now, he's mostly niche. B+

Sith Trooper: Really darn annoying tank in some Triumvirate teams. B+

Bastila Shan (Fallen): She was able to defeat Revan at G9. Anything else? Nope, just a slightly worse opposite of her superior Jedi counterpart. B

Edit: Now due to Darth Revan being in the game, and a rework, she is as good as Sith Assassin used to be back in the day. A

Count Dooku: He's darn annoying in some Triumvirate teams in Territory Wars. He used to be meta in arena. And he has shock. B

Sith Assassin: She has some niche uses under Zader in arena. C+

Savage Opress: His zeta ability WAS pretty good. C+

Sith Marauder: He was in a VERY soft counter team to Bastila, but other than that, he sucks. D

Darth Revan: He is the new meta. An excellent everything, if you want a Sith Lord, choose Revan. Choose him for AoE shock, for Fear and Ferocity galore, and for Deathmarking everyone. A+

Best Sith Team (Overall)

Revan (l), Bastila Fallen, Traya, Sion, Nihilus,

Best Sith Team (w/o Revan)

Traya (l), Bastila Fallen, Palpatine, Sion, Nihilus

Best Sith Team (w/o Revan or Traya)

Palpatine, Sion, Nihilus, Vader, Bastila Fallen

Best Sith Grand Arena 3v3 Teams

Team 1: Traya (l), Nihilus, Sion

Team 2: Maul (l) or Palpatine (l), Maul or Palpatine (support), Vader

Team 3: Dooku (l), Savage (better with z), Sith Assassin.

Team 4: Revan (l), Sith Trooper, Bastila Fallen

Zetas recommended

Darth Maul – Dancing Shadows

Darth Revan – Lord of the Sith

Darth Revan – Conqueror

Darth Revan – Villain

Darth Sion – Lord of Pain

Darth Traya – Compassion is Weakness

Darth Traya – Lord of Betrayal

Emperor Palpatine – Emperor of the Galactic Empire

Emperor Palpatine – Crackling Doom