TIE Advanced x1

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TIE Advanced x1
Alignment:Dark Side
Categories:Empire, Sith

Fearsome Empire Attacker that shuts enemies down with stacking debuffs and permanent Target Locks


The Tie Advanced has several strengths that make it one of the most used fighters in the game. It's basic attack will always hit, inflicts target lock, and goes straight through foresight. If being used by an Executrix or Chimera team, the Tie Advanced gains advantages specific to the Empire faction, especially Defense Penetration under an upgraded Executrix. The special ability on the Tie Advanced allows it to clear buffs on a target locked enemy and go again depending on the amount of debuffs currently on the target.


The major weakness of the Tie Advanced is that is a high priority target for players. If there is no taunting take present, players will target the Tie Advanced to get it off the field quickly. Also doesn't has the best health.

Farming Locations


Take out high health and health/protection regen tanks with this ship, when upgraded with Thrawn, can do upwards of 70k damage.

Recommended Ability Upgrade Order

Recommended Gear Level

It is recommended that players take Vader to Gear 12 for a solid Tie Advanced.