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Alignment:Dark Side
Pilot(s):Darth Maul

Deadly Sith Support that can Stealth allies to set up devastating attacks


The Scimitar, also known as the Sith Infiltrator, was a heavily modified Star Courier and the personal starship of Darth Maul. The Sith Infiltrator featured folding wings around its circular cockpit, six laser cannons, a proton torpedo launcher and a minelayer. Along with its deadly armament, the Scimitar was equipped with a cloaking device that allowed it to disappear from view and any pursuing ship's sensors. Owing to the craft's experimental ion engines, radiator fins on the ship's wings were required to be open during flight in order to expel excess heat. The ship carried three DRK-1 Dark Eye probe droids and the Bloodfin, a Sith speeder utilized by Darth Maul during his mission on Tatooine. The Scimitar was capable of tracking a ship's signature through hyperspace, something considered impossible for most other ships.

After his defeat during the Battle of Naboo, the experimental starfighter was appropriated by Maul's master, Darth Sidious, and later used during both the Clone Wars and the era of the Galactic Empire.

Farming Locations

Fleet Arena Store

  • Second Down, far left slot in the Fleet Arena Store for 400 Fleet Arena Currency. Buys 4 blueprints.

Fleet PvE Table

  • Node 3-D (Hard), 33% chance per battle/sim to drop 1 blueprint.

Guild Events Store

  • Bottom Row, far right slot in the Guild Events Store for 400 Guild Events Currency. Buys 4 blueprints.

Frontline or Reinforcement?

Usually a reinforcement due to low speed and damage. Can work on the frontline mildly well with Sith ships.


Excellent special ability. Empowers stealthed allies. Can remove turn meter on basic.


Doesn’t deal a lot of damage. After it uses its special it isn’t threatening at all and can usually be safely ignored.


The most complicated part of using Scimitar is choosing which ally to put his special ability on. Usually the taunting tank of your lineup should get it, but putting it on Imperial TIE Fighter or TIE Advanced x1 can produce excellent results too.

Recommended Reinforcement Ability Level

Lv1. The extra critical chance can be nice, especially under Home One and Chimaera, but isn’t the most important part of Scimitar’s kit. If running with a full Sith lineup, recommended Lv3.

Recommended Omega Upgrade Order

1) Lurking Threat (Unique)

2) Slip Through (Crew)

3) Dread Cannons (Basic)

The extra offense for stealthed allies from Lurking Threat is probably the biggest Omega upgrade, the extra protection up from Slip Through is good to have but not required. Dread Cannons don’t deal a lot of damage anyway, so upgrading the ability barely does anything.

Recommended Gear Level