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SWGOH.Help Wiki is a site dedicated to being a guide and resource for the game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. The main goal of this site is to provide useful, informative information about the game to help players have better knowledge about it to help them be better at it. It is built using MediaWiki and is currently set as a Private Wiki.

The SWGOH.HELP Official Wiki is brought to you by SWGOH.HELP, the website responsible for the Player Progress Indicator tool and the SWGOH.HELP API.

Decision to become a private Wiki

In January of 2021 the admins decided to make the wiki private. This decision was brought on due to the low number of contributors towards the wiki over the years and the complexity of the wiki's design. Even though the wiki has become private, community feedback and involvement is still greatly encouraged to help maintain the helpfulness and accuracy of the wiki. You can join us on Discord to get involved and to stay informed about the wiki.

Current Administration

  • Sigsig - Site Founder, Guardian, and Adminstrator
  • Kidori - Current Site Manager and Administrator