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Some units have abilities that grant a status effect that is not considered a Buff or a Debuff so they cannot be dispelled, resisted, prevented or copied. These status effects are indicated in the game by a blue icon, but some older ones are still indicated using red or green. Below is a list of all the Other Status Effects that are currently in the game, click on one below to see more information on them including all units that can apply them.

Status Effect-Advance.pngAdvanceCharactersTaunt,which can't be dispelled or prevented. Other 501st allies can't lose Health.
Status Effect-Armor Shred.pngArmor ShredCharacters-50% Defense per stack (25% against raid bosses), can't be dispelled or resisted, and is not a debuff.
Status Effect-Beskar Ingot.pngBeskar IngotCharactersUsed to bestow Beskar Armor on allies. Max 3 stacks.
Status Effect-Buzz Droids.pngBuzz DroidsShips-50% Defense and lose 5% Health at start of turn with at least 1 Buzz Droid (max 3); lose 1 Buzz Droid when taking damage from an attack or a Concussion Mine.
Status Effect-Charge.pngChargeCharacters+5% Offense per stack
Status Effect-Command.pngCommandCharactersThe Blaster Turret assists whenever this character uses an ability during their turn
Status Effect-Contract.pngContractCharactersVaries based on lead bounty hunter contract
Status Effect-Courage.pngCourageCharactersWhen damaging the target enemy with an ability, for each 5 stacks of Courage, dispel 5 stacks and deal bonus damage equal to 40% of the target's Max Health.
Status Effect-Cover.pngCoverCharactersCan't be targeted, immune to damage and status effects, speed set to 0, recover 10% Protection and Turn Meter at the end of every turn, which can't be prevented.
Status Effect-Dark Trooper Squad.pngDark Trooper SquadCharactersThis unit has 25% of its base Max Health and Max Protection, is immune to Max Health and Max Protection changes and can't be defeated or destroyed while it has more than one stack of Dark Trooper Squad.
Status Effect-Determination.pngDeterminationCharactersWhenever any other Resistance ally falls below 50% Health, Determination expires and Finn Taunts for 2 turns. If that ally was Taunting, it is dispelled. When Determination expires, Finn gains Retribution for 2 turns.
Status Effect-Dominance.pngDominanceCharactersEnemies can't counterattack;First Order allies have +100% counter chance and +50% Critical Damage
Status Effect-Droid Battalion.pngDroid BattalionCharactersEach stack grants B1 +2% Offense and all Separatist allies +0.5% Tenacity and Critical Avoidance.
Status Effect-Endless Horde.pngEndless HordeCharactersIf Nightsister Zombie survived damage from her last turn, she gains 50% Speed (stacking) at the start of her turn. When Nightsister Zombie is defeated, she loses 50% Speed (stacking). The effects are neither buffs nor debuffs and combine for a maximum of +100% Speed or a minimum of -100% Speed. If Nightsister Zombie is defeated while at -100% Speed from this effect, she cannot be revived.
Status Effect-Extortion.pngExtortionCharactersUsing Extortion removes it, recover 10% Health, and grants Separatist enemies Profit.
Status Effect-Furious.pngFuriousCharactersAbilities gain additional effects, can't gain Fury
Status Effect-Fury.pngFuryCharactersAt 10 stacks, is consumed and character gains Furious instead.
Status Effect-Guard.pngGuardCharactersCan't be critically hit, immune to Daze and Stun, +25% Critical Chance
Status Effect-Hive Mind.pngHive MindCharactersVarious effects depending on character and ability. Cannot be dispelled or prevented.
Status Effect-Insight.pngInsightCharactersAt 4 or more stacks, gain the Special ability Subversive Volley
Status Effect-Inspired.pngInspiredCharactersResistance characters gain bonuses when they are Inspired; this effect expires after receiving 3 critical hits
Status Effect-Isolate.pngIsolateCharactersCan’t attack, gain buffs, or gain other positive effects during another characters turn. Allies can’t attack or gain buffs during this characters turn. Raid bosses cannot gain buffs, and any allies who damage the boss gain Crit Damage Up and Health Steal Up for 1 turn. Can’t be copied or dispelled.
Status Effect-Leader Contract Reward.pngLeader Contract RewardCharactersVarious effects depending on the squad leader. Cannot be dispelled or prevented.
Status Effect-Linked.pngLinkedCharactersThis character is Linked. At the start of a Linked characters turn each Linked enemy loses 20% Max Protection and Sith Eternal Emperor gains 25% of the amount lost. Cannot critically hit and damage dealt is decreased by 25%.
Status Effect-Mastery Decreased.pngMastery DecreasedCharactersThis unit's current Mastery is lower than its starting value.
Status Effect-Mastery Increased.pngMastery IncreasedCharactersThis unit's current Mastery is higher than its starting value.
Status Effect-Merciless Target.pngMerciless TargetCharactersDarth Vader must target a unit with this or a taunt effect and takes a bonus turn after using an ability while targeting this unit. This effect cannot be evaded or resisted.
Status Effect-MK I.pngMK ICharactersGain +50% Counter Chance for the rest of the battle and become Prepared. When used, this ability upgrades to MK II
Status Effect-MK II.pngMK IICharactersGain +30% Critical Avoidance and +1--% Defense for the rest of the battle and become Prepared. When used, this ability upgrades to MK III
Status Effect-MK III.pngMK IIICharactersIncrease Counter Chance to 100% for the rest of the battle and become Prepared. This ability may only be used once.
Status Effect-Payout.pngPayoutCharactersVarious effects depending on the specific character. Cannot be dispelled or prevented.
Status Effect-Prepared.pngPreparedCharactersIncreased benefits from abilities that utilize the Prepared status. Cannot be dispelled or prevented.
Status Effect-Profit.pngProfitCharacters+10% Critical Chance and Critical Damage per stack (max 50%) until the end of battle.
Status Effect-Siphon.pngSiphonCharactersThis unit will gain 1% of a stat per stack and the target will lose the amount gained.
Status Effect-Strategic Advantage.pngStrategic AdvantageCharactersDispel all debuffs on target other Jedi ally. They gain Strategic Advantage and assist, using their Basic ability. This character uses their Basic ability and loses Strategic Advantage.
Status Effect-Thermal Detonator.pngThermal DetonatorCharactersDeals damage when timer expires. Character loses a variable amount of health after a specified number of turns.
Status Effect-Whistling Birds.pngWhistling BirdsCharactersDeal true damage to target enemy for each stack when using Swift Takedown, if target enemy is defeated by this, remaining Whistling Birds will damage the weakest remaining enemy.
Status Effect-Zeroed In.pngZeroed InCharactersOmega has Target Practice while a character is afflicted by this; Omega can ignore Taunt to target this enemy