Old Republic

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Light Side Characters (and Canderous) from the game "Knights of the Old Republic"


Carth Onasi, Jedi Knight Revan, Bastila Shan (sort of)

Supporting Units

Bastila Shan, T3-M4


Mission Vao, Jedi Knight Revan, Canderous Ordo, Carth Onasi


Juhani, Zaalbar


Jedi Knight Revan – General

Jedi Knight Revan – Hero

Carth Onasi – Soldier of the Old Republic

Places where this team is needed

Good Grand Arena or Territory Wars team

Jolee, Revan, and Bastila are used for the second-best squad in the game

Jolee, Bastila, T3, Zaalbar, and Mission are used for "Legend of the Old Republic"

Juhani, Canderous, and Carth are used for "Scourge of the Old Republic"