Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)

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Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)
Alignment:Light Side
Categories:Jedi, Rebel

Durable Jedi Tank able to shut down enemy offense with multiple debuffs


Short summary:Ben,is an old Jedi master that went into exile after order 66,Defended and watched over Luke after he was born and even in his death as a Force Ghost.Old master of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and savior of many.Powerfull Jedi master that playd a key role in Clone Wars and the biggest troll of Star Wars.

Hello there.


For more information on Ben:

Further Media Appearance

Star Wars:Episode 1-2-3-4-5-6 (In 7 you can hear during Rey's force vision his voice but that is it)

Star Wars:Legends (Books that are non canon now)

Star Wars Comics (After 2014 which are canon)

Lego Star Wars games

Most Star Wars games


Huge pool of Health and Armor,best Rebel tank THAT TAUNTS,huge Turn meter removal and okay basic

Key for Rebel teams on defence

The lead is suprisingly fun but advised to use it in Galactic War when you unlocked the Sim ability just for fun as it's really not good,.


Incredibly small damage output,very long cooldowns on specials and Bad leader ability.

Bad/Decent in HSTR as Old ben's Speed is minimal,as his max speed (All gear pieces without mods) is 130,additionaly Turn meter removal doesn't work on HSTR bosses (Except exposes but Ben can't do these eather)

Farming Locations


Sometimes appears in Guild store for 450 tokens for 5 Shards of Old Ben


Old ben is an slow tank,used to inflict Evasion Down on his basic:Elegant form,to inflict Ability block and turn meter removal on his special:Mind Tricks and to defend others by putting taunt onto himself with Devoted Protector

Ben is also great for Rancor and AAT raid,because of his Turn meter removal altough shoudn't be depended on as the main TM removal toon as his cooldown on Mind Tricks is 4 turns

Zeta & Omega Abilities


Elegant form:This attack can't be Evaded and inflicts Evasion Down for 2 turns

Mind Tricks:+15% Turn Meter Reduction Chance and Jedi and Rebel allies gain 3% Turn Meter for each effect Resisted

Old Jedi Knight:5% Turn Meter Gain


Devoted Protector:When this taunt expires,Old Ben gains taunt for 1 turn

If You Strike Me Down:+2% Turn Meter Gain,+20% Heal,+20% Protection Recovery,and the first time Old Ben is defeated all allies gain 25% Turn Meter

The only important omega to have is Mind Tricks, and If you strike me down is good to have but not needed.the rest isn't that good

Devoted Protector is okay but not enough for a 20 zeta mats,16 omegas and 40 MK3 mats to be worth it

Mod Recommendations

4 speed mods and 2 potency mods

Primary stats:







Secondary stats:

At least every mod with speed secondary except Arrow,

Preferably with Health and protection too

Synergy Teams

Rebel and jedi teams

Rebel:Commander Luke Skywalker Lead-Old Ben-Han Solo-R2-D2-Chewbacca

Jedi:Bastilla-Old Ben-Ezra-Hermit Yoda-Grandmaster Yoda

Jedi 2:Revan-Old Ben-Jolee-Bastilla-Grandmaster Yoda

(Of course,General Kenobi is a better tank if not fighting against traya team*)


His basic ability:Elegant form is a refrence to Episode 4 where Ben gives Luke his father's Lightsaber and says it's an elegant weapon

His special ability:Mind tricks is a refrence to a scene where Obi-Wan persuaded by a mind trick a Magmatrooper to let him pass without showing him his identification

His second special:ability Devoted Protector is a possible refrence to Ben watching over luke till the events of episode 4 and protecting him

His leader ability:Old Jedi Knight could be a refrence to Ben being an exiled Jedi master,but he's a Jedi master,not a Jedi knight

His Unique ability:If you strike me down,is a part of Ben's last words to Vader (If you strike me down i shall become more powerfull than you can ever possibly imagine)

His look in-game looks like an version of Obi-Wan from Show rebels