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The Nightsister faction was a weak faction as they go, until its rework in early 2018, as well as the introduction of Mother Talzin, Nightsister Zombie, and Nightsister Spirit, now key characters in the faction. Since that time, Nightsisters have shifted in and out of the meta, being seen as hard counters to certain teams, and easily defeated by others. What is not as widely acknowledged though is the viability of the Nightsisters as a soft counter to almost every team in the game.

Nightsister capable of beating nearly every team in arena, and are able to get high arena ranks every day. While there are a few teams that the Nightsisters have a very tough time beating, they are overall quite strong, and not particularly star dependent for most, which is good since they are hard to farm. Of course not as strong as Revan and Traya, they are still capable of winning those matches on offense, and so are a faction to be reckoned with.


  • Asajj Ventress and Mother Talzin are widely used and considered to be the most powerful leaders of the faction. They excel in PvP battles and essential for some PvE content.
  • Old Daka and Talia technically has a leader ability, but their power level is lackluster and basically never used (as a leader).

Supporting Units





Places where this team is useful

PvP - GA, TW, Arena

Due to their tight synergy between characters, various controlling abilities (stun, cleans, turn-meter manipulation), great sustain and multiple source of resurrection the Nightsister teams are incredibly tenacious. As an attacker they can beat almost any team composition with similar power level. Even stand a chance against teams with higher star characters with better gear and/or mods. On defense they are decent, usually requires stronger teams or dedicated counter match-ups to beat them consistently. Since they don't require specific ability combinations to work properly and the various heal/revive/stun abilities are quite forgiving for mistakes the AI can manage them without major blunders. Overall they are a versatile and powerful faction for every PvP aspect of the game - Squad arena, Territory Wars and Grand Arena. Nightsisters are especially effective in 3v3 format.

PvE - GW, TB

Teams with sustain generally excel in PvE content, so does the Nightsisters. They can easily cleare Galactic War nodes and Dark Side Territory Battles combat missions.


Ghosts of Dathomir

Ghosts of Dathomir event (Earn Nightsister Zombie or Nightsister Spirit shards) Tier 1, 5 characters required at 5+ stars, Tier 2, 5 characters required at 7 stars

Defense of Dathomir

Defense of Dathomir event (Earn Mother Talzin shards) Tier I, 5 Nightsisters required at 5+ Stars

Secrets and Shadows

Secrets and Shadows Assault Battle All Tiers

Jakku Omega Battle All Tiers



The key to defeat the The Pit Raid is turn meter reduction.

  • Asajj Ventress' leader ability (Nightsister Swiftness) gives Nightsisters damaging abilities 25% chance to remove 10% TM from an enemy.
  • The Zeta upgrade increases this to 50% chance and 20% TM reduction.
  • Nightsister Spirit's basic ability (Spectral Embrace) removes another 20% TM from the target.
  • The Omega upgrade also applies Speed Down debuff for 2 turns.
  • The combination of these two with other Nightsisters enables the team to defeat every phase of the heroic tier in a solo run even with auto battle.
  • Video example


Strong Nightsisters can consistently solo phase 2-3-4 of the heroic Tank Takedown Raid with the Deathstorm strategy.

  • The general plan is letting any two Nightsister die except Asajj and Old Daka.
  • Then use their basic attacks only which will revive a dead ally, call it to assist, then instantly defeat it.
  • This will trigger both Asajj's and Daka's unique abilities stacking huge amount of offense and health on them meanwhile generating turn meter.
  • A well stacked Asajj can deal half a million damage with a single attack.
  • Requires Zeta upgrade on Mother Talzin's leader ability (The Great Mother) and Zeta upgrade on Asajj Ventress' unique ability (Rampage).
  • The Zeta upgrade on Old Daka's unique ability (Serve Again) although not mandatory but recommended.
  • Step-by-step video guide


Although Nightsisters can deal incredible amount of damage in phase 3 of the The Sith Triumvirate Raid with he above mentioned Deathstorm strategy, their most common use is in phase 4 for defeating Darth Nihilus with a TM-chain strategy.

  • The team composition is Asajj Ventress lead, Old Daka, Talia, Nightsister Zombie and Mother Talzin
  • The general strategy is letting your Nightsisters get damaged from the stacking Bonds of Weakness debuff.
  • Then use one of the various healing abilities of the team to restore everybody back to full health.
  • This will constantly keep them on 100% turn meter for a long period of time.
  • As long as you are able to keep the chain going by managing the different ability cooldowns Darth Nihilus won't be able to take a turn.
  • Requires Zeta upgrade on Asajj Ventress' leader ability (Nightsister Swiftness).
  • Detailed video guide

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