Mk 5 Chedak Comlink

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Gear-Mk 5 Chedak Comlink.png Stats
+260 Health
+60 Agility (AGI)
+90 Physical Damage
+3% Potency
Cost: 4850 Game-Icon-Credits.png
Required Unit Level: 85
Required Unit Stars: 7
Gear Tier: 12
Mk 5 Chedak Comlink


Gear-Mk 9 Fabritech Data Pad.png
Mk 9 Fabritech Data Pad
Gear-Mk 9 Fabritech Data Pad Salvage.png
60Mk 9 Fabritech Data Pad Salvage
Gear-Mk 9 Fabritech Data Pad Prototype.png
1Mk 9 Fabritech Data Pad Prototype
Gear-Mk 9 Fabritech Data Pad Component.png
50Mk 9 Fabritech Data Pad Component
Gear-Mk 4 Chedak Comlink.png
Mk 4 Chedak Comlink
Gear-Mk 4 Chedak Comlink Prototype.png
1Mk 4 Chedak Comlink Prototype
Gear-Mk 4 Chedak Comlink Prototype Salvage.png
50Mk 4 Chedak Comlink Prototype Salvage
Gear-Mk 3 Czerka Stun Cuffs.png
1Mk 3 Czerka Stun Cuffs
Gear-Mk 3 Czerka Stun Cuffs Salvage.png
50Mk 3 Czerka Stun Cuffs Salvage
Gear-Mk 4 Zaltin Bacta Gel Salvage.png
Mk 4 Zaltin Bacta Gel Salvage

Acquired from

Used to craft

Used for Characters

This gear is used 36 times for characters as both a full gear piece and a material to create another gear piece.
This gear is used 36 times as a full piece for the following characters:

Indicator-Gear 11-trans.png
Unit-Character-Aayla Secura-portrait.png
1Aayla Secura
Unit-Character-Asajj Ventress-portrait.png
1Asajj Ventress
Unit-Character-B1 Battle Droid-portrait.png
1B1 Battle Droid
Unit-Character-Bo-Katan Kryze-portrait.png
1Bo-Katan Kryze
Unit-Character-Boba Fett-portrait.png
1Boba Fett
Unit-Character-Clone Sergeant - Phase I-portrait.png
1Clone Sergeant - Phase I
Unit-Character-Darth Nihilus-portrait.png
1Darth Nihilus
Unit-Character-Darth Sidious-portrait.png
1Darth Sidious
Unit-Character-Ewok Scout-portrait.png
1Ewok Scout
Unit-Character-Gar Saxon-portrait.png
1Gar Saxon
Unit-Character-Geonosian Soldier-portrait.png
1Geonosian Soldier
Unit-Character-Jedi Consular-portrait.png
1Jedi Consular
Unit-Character-Jedi Knight Anakin-portrait.png
1Jedi Knight Anakin
Unit-Character-Kylo Ren-portrait.png
1Kylo Ren
Unit-Character-Luminara Unduli-portrait.png
1Luminara Unduli
Unit-Character-Mission Vao-portrait.png
1Mission Vao
Unit-Character-Nightsister Spirit-portrait.png
1Nightsister Spirit
Unit-Character-Poe Dameron-portrait.png
1Poe Dameron
Unit-Character-Resistance Pilot-portrait.png
1Resistance Pilot
Unit-Character-Royal Guard-portrait.png
1Royal Guard
Unit-Character-Sabine Wren-portrait.png
1Sabine Wren
Unit-Character-Savage Opress-portrait.png
1Savage Opress
Unit-Character-Shaak Ti-portrait.png
1Shaak Ti
Unit-Character-Sith Assassin-portrait.png
1Sith Assassin
Unit-Character-Supreme Leader Kylo Ren-portrait.png
1Supreme Leader Kylo Ren
Unit-Character-The Mandalorian-portrait.png
1The Mandalorian
Unit-Character-Vandor Chewbacca-portrait.png
1Vandor Chewbacca
Unit-Character-Wedge Antilles-portrait.png
1Wedge Antilles
Unit-Character-Young Lando Calrissian-portrait.png
1Young Lando Calrissian
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