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A Merc (short for Mercenary) is someone who joins a guild for the sole purpose of participating in that guilds raids or events. They should have very good teams to either help contribute to an event or carry a guild through a Raid. After the raid or event is over they typically go back to their home guild.

Purpose of being a merc?

The biggest reason to Merc is to accelerate gear and token income but some people may choose to do it just to help out other guilds. Below is a list of a few reasons someone may choose to be a merc.

  • To maximize weekly raid rewards by getting the most attempts in and to guarantee 1st place
  • To maximize Territory Battle rewards especially for unit shards, Tokens and Crystals.
  • To help other guilds


Things you should take into consideration before you merc are:

  • Never Merc when it will interfere with your participation in home guilds Territory War, Territory Battle, or Raids. The only exception to this is if you were given permission by the Guild Leader
  • Remember that leaving in the middle of a Territory War, Territory Battle, or Raid before you receive the rewards in your inbox will void your chance of receiving any rewards from them.
  • Strategically schedule your mercs to avoid conflicts.
  • Good practice to always communicate with and get permission from your Guild Leader before mercing.
  • Be aware of how Guild Lockouts and Raid Lockouts work.

Finding Work

Discord Servers are going to be the best place to look for a job. Most servers that deal with Mercs will have a channel for Guilds to request a Merc and a separate channel for Mercs that are looking for work.

  • Merc Legends - Discord Server
  • DarthVapers Recruitment - Discord Server (May have to assign yourself a rank to see the channel.)
  • SWGoH Guild Recruitment Discord - Discord Server (May have to assign yourself a rank to see the channel.)

Raid Lockout

Each raid has its own set number of times you may participate in them for a given week. Once you have gone past this limit you will stop being able to get rewards from them until the lockout resets. You may still participate in a raid to help it get defeated but you will not be eligible for rewards from it. Participation includes clicking Join, posting 0s, and doing any type of damage.

Raid Limits

Raid Limits are calculated based on a formula that includes tickets needed to start the heroic version and max possible raids that can be started in a week based on max tickets that can be earned.

  • Heroic The Pit = 3 (4^)
  • Heroic Tank Takedown = 2 (3^)
  • Heroic Sith Triumvirate = 2

^Raid counts reset every Sunday at 8PM EST. If your guilds ticket reset is before this, it is possible to get an additional raid in. I'm not sure if CG accounted for this or not though in their lockout formula.

How the lockout works with the Raid Limits

It is possible to go up to 2 over the limit before getting locked out. Once you have been locked out you will be locked into only getting rewards from the set limit in a week. That strict limit will stay in effect until you only do 1 raid less for a week, but the next time you do 1 over the limit it will lock you back in at the limit. Doing one under one week and then one over the next week is not going to gain you any extra raid rewards so it is usually best to just stay at the limit once this happens.

People who choose to only go one over (and never 2) are usually able (at least in the past) to do it for 2 or 3 consecutive weeks before getting a lockout. Some have claimed to be able to do it longer.

Raid participation starts from the day and time when you join or post 0/damage to the raid. So if it is Sunday and your guild started a 24hr join period at 4pm and you are currently not eligible for rewards, if you choose to join it at 8:30pm EST you should be able to get rewards from it. Always pay attention to your lockout timer located just above the Battle/Join button.
Wiki-Merc-Raid Lockout.png

Guild Lockout

You may only join 2 guilds in a 24 hours period. Stay aware of this if you start changing guilds frequently so you don't get locked out from joining any guild when raids or events are about to happen. You also must be a member of the guild before the raid/event is started in order to participate in it.


A Freelancer is a Merc that stays with a guild for an extended period of time. A few reasons to do this are:

  • To help a guild learn and grow until they can do them on their own.
  • To guarantee 1st place rewards without needing to move around alot.

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