Lower gear team with low speed Boba Fett lead

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One Famous Wookie


Name Gear Level Mod Set Total Speed
Boba Fett 12 Crit Damage / Potency Cross 222
Greedo 7 Potency 197
Dengar 9 Potency 181
Zam Wessel 10 Potency 178
Cad Bane 11 Potency 142


Here's how the originator of this strategy's victory run went down and the mods he used: https://imgur.com/a/3LWWfVD

The strategy is to stack up thermal detonators and take advantage of those detonators with Zam and Boba.

Key Points

Setup prior to the battle.

  • Greedo needs to take his turn before the enemy begins their second round of assault. For this to happen he needs to be faster than 193ish speed.
  • Dengar needs to be faster than Zam. Zam has high base speed so you might have to reduce her mods and put the best speed secondary potency sets on dengar to bring him up.
  • Boba needs as much crit chance and crit damage as you can give him without sacrificing his speed. (220+ speed is recommended otherwise r2 will just stun chain you to death). Zeta will obviously help a lot but it is do-able without that.


  • Dengar must get stealthed before R2 uses smokescreen so that enemies don't gain stealth.
  • After the initial onslaught, the following needs to happen. Dengar, Greedo and Boba should not have ability blocks or die. Zam should not die. Boba can die once and resurrect.
  • Open with Boba Fett execute on Chewie. He should have 2-4 buffs and that would let Boba do 40k+ damage and take away almost all of his protection.
  • Use Greedo's ability Threaten on Han so that he loses turn meter and crit damage up buffs.
  • Use Dengar's Mini Mine Mayhem (needs omega) to apply detonators.
  • Pop thermal detonators with Zam. Avoid Han till the end as he has potential to counter. If all detonators are popped, just hit Chewie for more damage.
  • After Chewie is dead, priority should be Han but if someone else is 1-2 hits away from death then take them out instead. Try to gain Bounty Hunter's Resolve back on Boba if he loses it. (Han->Leia->Lando is the recommended kill order)
  • It will usually come down to Boba Fett vs R2. Do not use Boba Fett's Death From Above as R2 has a higher chance of just stun locking you to death on basics. You want him to use Smokescreen as often as possible and then use Execute (which you will save until he uses Smokescreen) to clear off the Foresight.


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