Lower gear team with Boba Fett lead

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One Famous Wookie


Name Gear Level Mod Set Additional Speed
Boba Fett 12 Crit Damage 116
Greedo 7 Speed 139
Dengar 9 Potency 80
Zam Wessel 10 Speed 101
Cad Bane 11 Potency 76


The strategy revolves around thermal detonators (TDs) and the turn meter (TM) they give your team. The more undergeared your team is the more RNG checks you’ll need.

Key Points

  • Mod your characters so that Boba goes first, then Greedo, then Zam, then Dengar.
  • All 5 must survive the initial onslaught to give Zam 100% TM when she pops TDs. This involves the AI targeting mainly Boba and killing him once.
  • Boba, Greedo and Dengar can’t get ability blocked by ROLO. The other 2 can.
  • Dengar needs to stealth in the initial onslaught to negate R2s smoke.


  1. Use Boba's Execute on Chewie - Aim for at least 45k on a crit which should knock off most if not all of his protection.
  2. Greedo uses Explosive Sabotage. You need at least 3 TDs to land.
  3. Zam uses her basic to hit the toons with TDs on them. Starting with Chewie. Try to save Han for last as he may counter and destroy you. This is another RNG check as Zam often misses due to Han's buff.
  4. Dengar uses Mini-Mine-Mayhem for Zam to come around again.
  5. Use Bobas 2nd execute on whoever is close to death so he can regain Bounty Hunter's Resolve.

After that just work on getting them down. Use Greedos TM removal on Han and Cad's stun on Lando or Chewie or Han.

Estimated Completion Time

30 to 60 minutes


Reddit - Do you have a very Undergeared BH team? Try this method for a 7* Chewie